How to resolve conflicts in the service sector

Preventive measures

One of the main causes of conflict in the service sector is the poor quality of service. So the first rule is — work with your employees.

Here you will help ongoing work on the service system, professional training for employees, monitoring their work.

The higher the quality of the service, the less perturbed the customers. Calmness, only calmness

If the conflict can not be avoided, it must be managed. Without emotion. Listen to all claims of the customer, do not interrupt and remain calm.

A disgruntled customer is like a stretched string. He is very receptive to all external stimuli. So the best in this situation is to listen. Better yet, the claim record. The customer will see that his outrage is not an empty sound. And, most likely, will try less emotionally to explain the essence of their claims. The customer is not always right

This objectively. Sometimes conflicts arise out of nowhere and don’t have anything rational. But. The client has the right to Express their dissatisfaction. Just do not need to follow the axiom, to take from the client side and punish their employees. Approach the problem objectively. And try to find ways of resolving conflict. Who won and who lost?

If conflict is not managed to avoid, it is not necessary to perceive it as a failure. Any claim from the customers can be viewed as an opportunity to fix some points in your well-established service system. A fresh look from the outside, so to speak.