The Association teamed up for the auctions for alternative energy and reduction of green tariffs

Representatives of professional associations, including more than 80% of the renewable energy sector, requested an urgent change in the market of green energy. The corresponding Memorandum was signed today in Kiev.

Association of renewable energy insist that the introduction of an auction model to stimulate renewable energy market is necessary for further development of the market and prevent the deterioration of the investment climate in the country.

“Changing incentive mechanism of renewable energy in Ukraine is inevitable. In the interests of responsible business and those who support the development of green energy to these processes took place as quickly as possible. Any delay in the process will lead to the deterioration of the investment climate in the industry and the country as a whole”, — said the Chairman of the Ukrainian Association of renewable energy Alexey Orzhel.

Chairman of the Board of Bioenergy Association of Ukraine Georgiy Geletukha assured that this model will allow you to participate for everyone and compete for its price. And with everyone who will be auctioned, will be guaranteed, signed the agreement. Thus the price received in the tender, will be objective and for which the investor is interested to invest in construction projects under “green” energy projects.

This will promote competition on this specific market. Come to him the world’s leading companies such as General Electric, Nordex, other companies for development of wind power, said the Chairman of the Board of Ukrainian wind energy Association Andriy Konechenkov.

“That’s why we have created this Memorandum as a basis for confidence. It is a document that has placed key positions in their places and give the green light for investment flows in our country. After all, investors are interested in clear rules and I agree to limit myself,” — said Andriy Konechenkov.

Among other things, the document provides a coherent position on implementation of the new system support the bill not later than January 1, 2020 the establishment of an order of the auctions by the Cabinet of Ministers and use as the site of an electronic trading system “Prozorro”; the reduction of “green” tariffs by 2020 and the lack of retrospective changes for existing installations.

It is important to note that these initiatives do not worsen conditions for small generation — new condition and the auction model is only valid for capacities of 10 MW and for installations up to 1 MW is proposed to simplify the system of obtaining “green” tariff.

We will remind, in the summer of this year in the Parliament was registered a draft law No. 8449 and offered seven alternative bills to him. They are aimed at changes to the system of stimulating the development of renewable energy, including provision of “green” auction.


“Green” tariff is the price of a kilowatt hour by which the state is obliged to buy electricity generated from renewable sources (solar, wind power plants). The tariff is valid from 2009. With 2015 and 2030 the cost legally tied to the Euro. From 2017 to 2019 1 kWh of electricity in private SES is estimated at € 0,18, from 2020 to 2024 — € 0,16 and from 2025 to 2030 — € 0,14.