Equipment and the Bank account of the operator PeopleNet arrested

“Bank Sich” through the court secured the arrest of movable property and Bank accounts Kyiv Telecom provider “TeleSystems of Ukraine” (TM PEOPLEnet) in the amount of the debt, which amounted to 11.2 mln hryvnia. This is stated in the decision of Economic court of Kiev from October 12.

The court decision said about the debt in the amount of 11.2 mln hryvnia (11,191 million fine and 15.2 thousand hryvnias of losses) — we are talking about the debt to the Bank under the credit agreement dated 12.08.2013. Movable property is under the Bank guarantee.

The plaintiff asked to temporarily restrict Director and the ultimate beneficial owner “TeleSystems” the right of travel outside Ukraine, however, the court disagreed. We will remind that the General Director and beneficial owner of the Kiev provider is Victor Golinski. Minority stakes in the company owned by “Ukrtelecom” and “Mostobud” (Dnipro). The latter belongs to Stanislav Lyakhovich, member of the Supervisory Board of PJSC “TeleSystems of Ukraine”.

As of August 2018, the average number of monthly services provided by the defendant, was about 30 000. It also indicates that the accounting and calculation of the volume of services performed by the defendant is not in the number of subscribers/users of services, namely the number of services. “As a consumer, in most cases, uses multiple types of services — individuals of Internet services and television as a legal person, the Internet and telephony”, — is specified in the decision.

The Bank statement also added documents which state that “the presence of outstanding monetary obligations under the credit agreement to the plaintiff prevented the defendant to buy a SUV premium, MERCEDES-BENZ GLS model, the minimum value of which exceeds two million”.

In the claim the plaintiff States that “after the adoption plaintiff foreclosure action on the mortgage (a premise in which is located the office of the defendant, which was repaid part of the debt under the credit agreement), starting in mid-August of 2018, the defendant has almost ceased to carry out the economic activity, evidence of which were numerous complaints from consumers who complained of the inadequate quality of services of the Respondent, (permanent failures in the provision of services, and in some cases a complete cessation of the provision of telecommunications services)”.

We will remind, Economic court of Kiev on may 27, 2015 filed on the bankruptcy of PJSC “TeleSystems of Ukraine”, providing communication services CDMA technology under the brand PEOPLEnet at the request of OOO “IK Initiative”.

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