NASA tested the parachute for Mars (video)

The space Agency announced that the parachute, designed for robotic and human missions to Mars, has passed all tests.

About it reports a Naked-science.

A series of tests of the parachute system was called the Advanced Supersonic Parachute Inflation Research Experiment (ASPIRE). She was launched on the Black Brant IX rocket in the early morning of 7 September. On Board was the payload, separated from the camera, before he returned to Earth.

According to NASA, the cargo opened the parachute, reaching the required distance when passing through the atmosphere, four tenths of a second. The space Agency claims that this is the most rapid opening of the parachute of this size in the world: moreover, ASPIRE has set a world record.

The parachute is made from nylon, technora and Kevlar fibers which will allow it to hold heavier loads and survive when falling through the atmosphere.

NASA has published video that shows the launch, the opening of the parachute and landing the “eyes” of the lunar Rover. The next test of the system within ASPIRE is scheduled for February next year.

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