Good bread from Good People: a bakery, destructive myths about people with disabilities

When Vlad told me about the idea to open a place where people will work with mental disabilities, often heard from others something in the spirit of “I’ll never come. There are THESE people, they drool”.

Such a stigmatic attitude towards people with physical disabilities, particularly with disabilities, in our society common. Recently, however, with the advent of different social initiatives stereotypical attitude began to change gradually. Helped the case

Vladislav Malashenko theatre education. He worked for several years in theater and in parallel studied at the medical-pedagogical seminar. This lesson and inspired him to the discovery of unusual bakery. “As a medical educator, I regularly led groups of 6-7 children, including children with special needs. At some point I wanted to make life easier for people with disabilities, to socialize them,” he recalls.

In December 2016, he had the idea to open a bakery, where you could take at least a few people with disabilities. Vlad immediately planned that need to open by September, but at that time, neither the business plan nor investment have a budding social entrepreneur was not. The case has helped: Vlad learned that the educational center for entrepreneurs Startup Ukraine is awarding grants for training. He applied and a few days later found out that I won and became a student.

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The training took three months, where Vlad found the right contacts, new friends, and everything else was the investor, and from July to September, the entrepreneur began to look for premises and recruit staff. Then began the history of the bakery Good Bread from Good People.

“At that time I had friends interested in this kind of work, and when we opened, they were a big part of the team, but somehow they all quickly left and I had to recruit a new one. I have several times assembled a team,” — says Vladislav.

What is sustainability in business decisions?

A year ago in Kiev Vlad Malashenko opened a social enterprise — a bakery where people with disabilities are baking cupcakes and muffins, nearby is an accompanying teacher who supports and helps. The products are sent for shelf or coffee to the customer by courier. In may 2018 by the social franchise opened the same bakery in the winery, is planned in Lviv in Haifa (Israel).

In Kiev there is a charitable society “Dzherela”, which helps people with disabilities, and the first guys came out. Also, the bakery began to work and the accompanying teacher Oksana: she manages the processes in the kitchen, guides the children and helps them.

“Initially, one of our missions was to give work to young professionals, but unfortunately, they just don’t know how to work. In September we had four bakers, who could not cope with their responsibilities. Then we were invited to participate in “Courage Bazaar” and I asked Oksana, the mother of one of our children, to help. So it was left. Like all of us, she works here not for money but for something more. Yeah, Oksana — the mother of a special child, but my colleagues don’t have children or relatives with disabilities. We chose this work at the call of the soul”, — says Vlad. Worked post in Facebook

All the initial investment (100 thousand UAH), the founder of the bakery spent on rent, equipment and staff salaries. In a small rented shop on Osokorki were only two desks and a wardrobe, and the kitchen was one hood. I had to buy more refrigerators and ovens. Over time it took more attachments.

Not finding a suitable crowdfunding platform, he made a post in Facebook, pointed out the Bank details, and eventually raised three times more than planned — 106 thousand UAH. The money bought another stove, a fridge and paid the rent for several months. From B2C to B2B

By January of 2018 in the bakery worked with a team of seven people with disabilities, they performed the duties of bakers and couriers. Baked cupcakes — chocolate, banana, ginger — price from 190 to 250 UAH.

The business model of Good Bread was originally designed as a business-to-client (B2C), but over time the bakery came out and in the B2B market. Corporate orders take more time, especially during the holidays. Read about the winners of the contest BECAME and vote for the best on page ranking

According to the founder, corporate clients easier and more convenient to operate, moreover, it is quite a lucrative segment. In B2C the average check is 200 UAH, and in B2B — 2000 UAH. Have Good Bread began to order cupcakes different companies: Ernst & Young, and Nestle, and even the Embassy of the United States and Israel. Event Agency Ideal Secrets regularly buy cupcakes for their clients, and those, too, began to make orders and subscribe.

“The main social problem we have seen to help people to adapt to society and not feel marginalized. Much depends on the individual. We have an employee with an autism spectrum who can’t pour water and empty the garbage. It all counts. Our Baker Misha’s mental retardation, but I don’t look at its feature, I look at Misha. I’m trying to understand why he behaves this way. They need to understand them. They need a man. The one who was there and helped. This is the most important thing”, — says Vladislav. Success with a social franchise

In February 2018, the winery opened the first bakery Good Bread franchise. For the three months Vladislav and the team have trained staff, provided the routing and set up the equipment. All expenses completely covered franchisees.

This is now a successful business: there’s the Manager, the administrator, the chief Baker, two carers and 6 people with mental retardation. 70% of the money received from the sale of the franchise, Vlad has invested in the development of the Kiev bakery. Plans for 2018 — opening similar companies in Odessa and Kharkov, are now negotiating with franchisees. To change

In parallel with the expansion of business, the bakery has experienced changes in the team and even managed to settle in a new place. The pavilion at ENEA, is now Good Bread, at times more than previous room. (ADD, why did you move the CONDITIONS ON WHICH GAVE the ROOM AND WHO?)

In addition, he plans to expand the scope of activities. In October, wants to open a small coffee shop in the house of culture “Arsenal”, where he will work several people with mental disabilities. Next is going to find investments and to open an inclusive restaurant with 100 seats, where they will work and people with disabilities.

“In Ukraine, people with disabilities can’t work. Their fate, in most cases, sad: when their parents die, they are useless. We want guys to come to us, to them it was why waking up in the morning, why sleep in the evening and where to go next. We want to change the conventional attitude of society towards such people. Stereotypes and stigma can and should be dismissed”, — said Vladislav.

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