Picture created by the artificial intelligence, sold $432 thousand

The painting, which was created by the artificial intelligence program, was first sold at auction in new York for $432 thousand This amount is much higher than the price in the $7-10 million, which the auction house Christie’s hoped to gain for this work, reported BBC Ukraine.

“Portrait of Edmond Bellamy” — the result of the Paris creative team Obvious, consisting of three artists who try to combine art and artificial intelligence.

The algorithm creates a picture, using 15 thousand portraits, drawn from the XIV to the XX century. For image generation computer compares own work with real pictures in the database until then, until you see that his work is identical.

About the picture

Portrait of Edmond Bellamy is one of a series of portraits of an imaginary family Bellamy created artificial intelligence. In the lower right corner of the algorithm, as a true artist, put his signature — a complex formula.

The picture is supposedly a work in progress — the face of the man blurred. This may be due to the fact that portraits is a difficult genre for artificial intelligence, since the machine does not recognize all the subtleties of facial features like humans do.

Specialist of Christie’s Richard Lloyd, who organised the auction, said that artificial intelligence is just one of several technologies that will have an impact on the art market in the future, although “it is too early to suggest what may be these changes.”

Earlier, Google has used artificial intelligence to create a systemthat is able to recognize individual voices in the crowd.

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