Back together: the horror film “Halloween”

Our song is good

Original horror movie “Halloween” was created by John carpenter in 1978 at the request of the producers, who asked to rent a cheap horror story about how a knife-wielding maniac chasing at night with the high school, looking out for the neighborhood kids.

John carpenter — took a main role of a young Jamie Lee Curtis. The debutante was the daughter of the actress Janet Leigh, played in Psycho by Alfred Hitchcock, also it was about a maniac with a knife (the producers used this coincidence for advertising purposes).

A film with a budget of 325 thousand dollars just in the United States has collected 47 million dollars, which pulled a series of sequels, and then — and original rethinking of the same story. In the end, by 2009, about the silent maniac Michael Myers with a wheezing breath took ten bloody paintings.

Now we have the new series — the eleventh to mark the anniversary of the original.

It features the Director and co-writer David Gordon green, having a bloody shift, decided to focus, placing the story in direct proportion to the events of 1978 and returned to the screen starring Jamie Lee Curtis, silver gray.

Grandma, grandpa and the circus has arrived

The connection with the film John carpenter presents already starting credits of the picture, during which the screen gradually grows “festive” pumpkin carved with a scary face similar to the one that was in the credits in 1978, and it sounds somewhat modernized the music that John carpenter wrote for the picture.

The plot twists associated with the escape of Michael Myers from the mental hospital on Halloween and his bloody journey through the idyllic streets of a quiet town, also give rise to the recognition effect. The authors ironically reinforce it when introducing old character with a new psychiatrist, many years of watching maniac and now help him to catch. “New Loomis” — describes it character, “kneading” the image in the classic framework, certain one of the main protagonists of the original tape.

However, the interaction with the “classics” doesn’t appeal to her.

The new picture is much more bloody, by giving anti-hero sixty years superhuman strength and carefully locking his horrific crimes, repeatedly imposing on them the focus.

Unfocused traditionally provided only the face of Michael Myers (before he will wear his favorite mask).

Screen of death, Frank, demonstrative and excessive in his accented naturalism make separate scenes of the picture in the original ill-view, oriented to cause the audience’s horror. By the way, learned that Michael Myers has returned and proceeded to kill one of the officers describes the situation as “circus”. Indeed, this kind of circus is — in its Roman version. Admiration evil and women

The peculiarity of the picture is the ambivalent attitude towards the maniac. If in the original he appeared as the embodiment of evil that must be destroyed, now the embodiment of evil, which is very interesting to explore and which to a certain, albeit pathological, and the degree to admire. After all, he — for four decades — has gained almost cult status.

This duality, the authors of the film try to get rid of, introducing into the plot characters for which the admiring interest of Michael Myers turns out to be fatal, and — paying close attention to the way the aged heroine Laurie Strode, which, until the end and not sbyv psychological trauma inflicted by the maniac, all of these forty years was preparing for a meeting with him.

Confidence that Michael Myers pulls not just to kill, but to kill the main character, becomes one of the most important springs of the clock mechanism, a 100-minute picture.

Through the prism is shown and Lori relationship with family: she has a daughter (Judy Greer) and granddaughter (Andy Matychak), do not tend seriously to his grandmother’s fears.

Will the authors of “Halloween”, which for the sake of artistic effect ready to pull the ears of logic and common sense (as, indeed, most of the creators of horror films), three generations of different women will be together to “officially” meet a maniac. They repeatedly announced contact with Michael Myers is going to happen in the tension and clear the final act of the picture, which convinces us that the idea for the eleventh time to tell virtually the same story was not so stupid.

And since “Halloween” has taken in more than $ 100 million — and not even the latest.

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