Apple and Samsung will pay $17 million for cheating people

Italian authorities ordered Apple and Samsung to pay considerable fines for the intentional slowdown of smartphones. Apple fined $11.4 million, Samsung $5.7 million

“Apple and Samsung have implemented the unfair commercial practices”, — stated in the decision of the Italian regulator.

Both companies are accused that they deliberately slowed the speed of older smartphones. As a result, the performance of the smartphones fell sharply. Therefore, users are provoked to buy a new phone, say Italian officials.

In response, Samsung said that “disappointed” the decision of the Italian authorities and promised to appeal.

“We have not produced software that reduced the performance of Galaxy Note 4. Conversely, Samsung has always developed updates that allowed users to get the best experience on the smartphones from all possible,” the company says.

In the Apple decision is not commented on.

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It is clarified that the company Apple has received twice as fine than Samsung, because they did not notify their customers about important details in the work of the iPhone battery, in particular on how to extend the duration of their life cycle.

Both companies must disclose information on penalties in the Italian versions of their sites.

Recall that at the end of last year, Apple acknowledged that slows old iPhone models, and apologized for it. The company explained that in this way trying to prolong battery life.

It is worth noting that Huawei has decided “to play” scandal with the competitors, saying on Twitter that never does this to its users. Also, taking this opportunity, the company advertised its new smartphone Mate 20 Pro with the slogan: “Born fast, stays fast”.

We would never slow down our phones to force an upgrade. We’re proud of our new #HuaweiMate20Pro is #BornFastStaysFast — just like every other phone in our range. #NeverSlowDown Learn more now > — Samsung Mobile UK (@HuaweiMobileUK) October 25, 2018

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