KSCA “thawed” scandalous construction in Borshchagovka in Kiev

In the capital city will resume construction of the unfinished street families of sosninykh, 4 And in the Svyatoshinsky district worth 874 million. Signed the corresponding order, according to the Kyiv city state administration.

According to the decree, the project includes three 25-story residential building with a total area of 98.1 sq m to 960 apartments and three underground Parking for 388 cars.

Financing will be carried out with funds from the sale of apartments, KP “Zhitloinvestbud-UCB.” The deadlines of the project not stated in the document.

As reported, the construction of the house on the street stopped in 2007, and construction work carried out by 70%.

We will remind, in 2004, by order of “Kievvysotstroy” was developed the project of construction of residential houses, but two years later, the construction stopped. Information about this object is, on the website of the Association of victim assistance investors in the section “Problem object”.

For completion, the city Council decided on the transfer of the land “Zhitloinvestbud-UCB.”

More about the scandalous object

In early 2007 the company “Kievvysotstroy” and “Agrostroypererabotka”, actually belonging to one person, froze the construction of four objects, one of which — on the street sosninykh Families.

Director and founder of companies Nicholas Marineh then stated that construction has stopped due to lack of funds. But as it turned out, he received enough money to complete the construction of all facilities, as reported by the Deputy Chairman of the Board of JSCB “Kyiv” Nicholas Zadernyuk. He said that the Bank provided the developer about 180 million UAH of credit funds.

As it turned out, received from the Bank and investors of funds for construction work and materials spent about 75 million, the remaining money bought a new construction site, equipment and actions of several plants.

As a result, investors went to court. Began procedure of bankruptcy and further reorganization of the company. The issue of the deceived investors has taken personal control of then-President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko, but his instructions were ignored.

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