Rumor: Bungie is developing Destiny 3 and plans to add new classes and the planet

Information leaked, the user who predicted the new classes, abilities and locations in the Forsaken.

Information leaked, the user who predicted the new classes, abilities and locations in the Forsaken.

Bungie has not yet finished with the promised content of the second year for Destiny 2, and the Internet already appeared rumors about the development of the third part.
What is known

Information about the game leaked a Reddit user with the nickname AnonTheNine. Recently, there are insiders divorced much, but this one has earned the trust of fans Destiny. For example, this guy has some leaked information about the new class abilities and locations that appeared in the Forsaken. He also predicted the return of the Thunderlord machine gun and the advent of the revolver Last Word.

In a new leak AnonTheNine said that Destiny 3 will be harder than the second part. According to him, the developers have simplified the D2 for a casual audience that saw fans of the first part. With the third game gamers will become more difficult. Besides, Destiny 3 guards will learn to use the power of darkness, which will open new classes and abilities.

The insider also prophesied the appearance of a zone where players will fight for territory between themselves and “computer opponents”. Along with a new location in Destiny 3 will be Europe, the sixth satellite of Jupiter. AnonTheNine even made concept art with the planet.
When to wait

The insider did not announce a release date and Bungie, the developers of the game, the official announcement did not. AnonTheNine only said that Destiny 3 is now in early stages of development, which is controlled by the game designers Chris Barrett and Luke Smith. The latter also worked on Destiny 2. It is also worth considering that this is just a rumor, with no official confirmation. Besides, Bungie love to change your mind a hundred times, and even if AnonTheNine telling the truth, then ideas might not live until release.
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