In the Panasonic made “blinders” for office workers

Design Studio Future Life Factory, working with Panasonic, created the gadget Wear Space — especially for so-called open-plan offices that need to protect their personal space and psyche. This is reported in AIN.UA with reference to TechCrunch.

The gadget is coined by analogy with horse blinders, so the developers aptly called “horse blinders for people.”

Wear Space — it is a sort of helmet with built-in headphones, which is worn on the head and protects the person from pressure on the environment, including sounds and visual images.

“Today, open offices and digital nomads are becoming more popular, and employees is a growing need for personal space in which they can concentrate. Space Wear just such a space and creates — it’s as simple as put on some clothes” – said the developers edition of Dezeen.

The first prototype of the “shore” presented in Texas at South by Southwest this year. Now Wear Space collect funds via the Japanese crowdfunding platform. For early adoptera its cost starts from $260.

By the way, in Japan the most popular was similar Ukrainian Hushme device — it has collected more than 1 million yen. This headset is also designed to protect personal space of the modern worker, making his phone conversations inaudible to others. With this headset, most likely, will attract more attention to the appearance of man, because that part of the headset that holds the microphone and muffler, encircles almost the entire lower part of the face.

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