Banking in the messenger: how banks use chat-bots to work with clients

Traditional banking structure from year to year more and more implemented in the system of communication with a customer new technologies. Entering the competition for the attention of consumers, banks first created the sites, and then application. Without visiting the offices today, customers can pay utility bills, transfer funds, make deposits and even to buy tickets on trains and planes. As an example, popular in the country Privat24 are 8 million of Ukrainians. But marketing a step further and is ready to offer banks a new and fairly simple solution is to translate customer communications in instant messengers. Now the chat-bot to tell the client information on the map, show the exchange rate and even apply for credit.

This year this service has launched the First Ukrainian international Bank (FUIB). On the presentation of their digital transformation of the Bank executives shared details of the launch of banking in the messenger and the first results. The Deputy head of the management Board of FUIB Sebastian Rubaj told that the Bank had to rebuild the work of many information systems and business processes before implementing the bot. The last few years in the Bank IT plays an important role. For two years, investment in technology has increased more than two times. In 2018 the cost of IT in the Bank amounted to 531 million UAH. In FUIB’s say you want to transfer banking services in the most comfortable for customers world — their smartphone.

Why instant messengers

Research the company LEAD9 Mobile Marketing, the number of smartphone users in Ukraine over the last three years increased from 26 to 45%. While 91% of them use instant messengers. Typically, users of instant messengers — people from 25 to 34 years, potential clients of banks that do not like to visit the Department.

The Bank decided to launch a chat-bot via Viber. This messenger is the most popular in Ukraine. The number of users in our country last year exceeded 20 million people. However, it soon will launch a similar product in the Telegram, and before the end of the year, and Facebook messenger.

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What can the Bank offer to the user of the messenger?

FUIB has launched the bot as an experiment in training the IT team to create a chat-bot platform.”In the case of messenger we didn’t exactly enjoy this service to our client or not,” says the head of the Board Sergey Chernenko.

Bot platform started to operate a separate communication channel that is not associated with the official page and chat with the bot made as simple as possible. You only need to enter “chat” with the bot and leave your phone number. The Bank is in automatic mode checks, and sends to the phone a password for verification, so the bot recognizes the person and can give personalized information on the map. First boat showed only the exchange rate, then the functionality is expanded. Via the button “my credit card” the customer was given the opportunity to obtain information about the debt, grace period, and even the link to repay the loan. Today the client can obtain information about cash flows (instead of transactional SMS), recharge a mobile account or apply for a loan. In dialogue with the bot, the user should answer questions about employment, reference age, region of residence and the application will be automatically sent to the contact center.

In six months of operation, the Bank has developed functionality for business. Using chat bot client can request a purchase or sale of foreign currency. Every hour receives current course and if it suits him, maybe in the bot to confirm the application for the operation.

Communication with the bot are currently 100 million (from 1.3 million) of the Bank’s clients. For the last three months most complaints (85 thousand) related to check credit and credit card. Also customers were interested in the exchange rate, replenish mobile phone and sent applications for a loan. now PUBM plan time to start the bot in the Telegram to the end of the year in Facebook.

Expert opinion:

Vladimir Demyanenko, co-founder-partner at digitalization of business D2

The banking business is the category in which it is important to create a great customer experience. Chat-bots just do the task and give quick results. In addition, the chat-bots perform the function of customer service of the Bank. At the Bank, customers always have questions and often repeated. Introduction the chat-bot allows you to remove the load on the contact center and to provide communication to the user 24/7.