As for “Jagodina” detained a large shipment of smuggled smartphones — “parcel post”

Through the Ukrainian checkpoint “Yagodin” tried to import nearly 3.5 thousand mobile phones with a total cost of approximately $700 thousand this was reported in the Facebook press Secretary of the Prosecutor General Larisa Sargan.

She clarified that the import of phones tried under the guise of mail.

The SFS reported that “parcels” was 3468 smartphone in original packaging brands Xiaomi, Apple, Motorola, Sony Ericsson.

In the Declaration, the company stated that carries children’s toys, fabric, curtains, decorative vases, linen, blankets, utensils etc Country of the sender was listed as China, and the cost of goods was valued at $160 83. According to the journalist Yevgeny Plinsky, according to documents, the cargo was designated as 3465 parcel 166 boxes on three pallets.

According to the SFS, during a full customs inspection in the van actually found three wooden pallet, wrapped in plastic and the metal mesh. There were 166 cardboard boxes, only the content differed from the declared.

To identify a discrepancy between the description of the cargo and its actual content helped scanning system.

Although Eugene Plinsky is reported that the product was not even divided into “formal” of the parcel and customs at first “no problem gave the bus a green light, but intervened in the case of secret forces and of the beads were sent to an in-depth inspection”.

According to him, it happened on “Jagodina” on Saturday, October 13. The message of the press service of the SFS of smuggling appeared only on October 17. Journalist Plinsky believes that the management of customs “afraid to provoke the wrath of the ultimate beneficiaries behind the mysterious “Premium Package” (carrying contraband cargo — Ed.) as they are fixed on the “channel” for their goods in all customs offices across the country”.

Transportation of this cargo was involved in postal operator LLC “Premium Pack GMBH & Co. Kg” (Kiev). In September 2017, this company was included in the Unified state register of postal operators.

The product was removed to a customs warehouse until the final court decision in this case.

For actions aimed at concealing from customs control of the goods through the submission of documents containing false information about him, face liability to a fine in the amount of 100% of the cost of items of the offence and the confiscation of the goods.

As reported, the government approved the action plan on combating smuggling and shadow schemes at the customs, the Prime Minister, in cooperation with law enforcement agencies and the State fiscal service.

According to law enforcement officers, the state loses due to smuggling 70-100 billion a year.

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