Tereshchenko is completely out of Glukhov: sold your hemp business

Michel Tereshchenko, who resigned from the post of the mayor of Glukhov and declared intention to run for President, sold his business on the cultivation of flax and hemp.

“Three weeks ago I sold my business to a Belgian company. That is, he’s not mine,” he said in an interview with Ironsider (iAgro).

He did not specify the company name of the buyer. According to iAgro we are talking about the Belgian partner company, which Tereshchenko started a linen business in Ukraine.

According to Tereshchenko, politics and business “cannot be linked”.

“If you chose a political career, you need to serve, to help people. It’s a mission,” he said.

“When I started working as Glukhovsky mayor, I saw that the only chance for the city to obtain investment — become a cluster of the cultivation of flax and hemp, because the deaf’s long-running Institute these crops,” — said Tereshchenko.

He said that Glukhov is a former residence of his family. Therefore, to invest, he began to help the Institute.

“I rented the land around the city of Glukhov, and we grew flax, and then, after a change in the law, and even non-narcotic hemp. We were treated with 400 hectares under the flax and the same in hemp,” — said Tereshchenko.

According to Tereshchenko, the greatest profit per hectare gives hemp.

On the question of what would have been his steps in the field of agriculture in case of a victory on presidential election, he replied: “the First law is about hemp. Should be allowed to grow hemp not only technical use, but for use”.

“I think it’s very urgent. Now there is a rapid growth market, especially in Canada, USA. But it’s not the President’s decision. It is necessary to prepare the law and his conduct in Parliament,” he added.

According to Tereshchenko, it would be better that the lands of Ukraine were not 10 agricultural holdings by 400 thousand hectares, “the 400 families that will work on thousands of hectares each.”

“It must be a family business. This successful agriculture in France, the United States. But the holdings are only in South America or Africa,” he explained.

Tereshchenko also expressed its position regarding the moratorium on land sales. “I am for privatization, but not through corruption schemes. And only so that in Ukraine has developed small farms — a family business and cooperatives,” he said.

Recall, September 27 Tereshchenko announced the decision early to lay down the powers of the head of the city of Glukhov. The reason for the resignation was another sabotage of the meeting of the city Council Glukhov — to consider relevant issues it is just two members. 1 October said that goes to the President, and told where to take money on the campaign.


Michel terestchenko is the descendant of Ukrainian sugar magnate, who several years ago came to Ukraine (received citizenship in 2015) and undertook to revive the linen industry.

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