As the growing small and medium businesses in new York

Recently in Kiev, the tendency of construction of shopping centres, by 2020 the capital should have 14 new SEC. One well-known Builder promised by one huge Mall in every district of the capital. Here, for example, in new York initially refused the development strategy of the city, taking a course on the development of fine trade. As in new York to develop a small business, said the Advisor to the office of mayor of new York Gianluca Galletto. The government gives almost no money for business development

In the United States, the Federal government has very few programs for the development of small businesses in certain cities and States. The development of small business in new York is a matter of the city budget, which now stands at $90 billion, and the regional budget of the state of new York.

Now the city has two types of assistance to small business — various services and direct investment start-UPS. As for services, they assume that the courses to open their own shop, bakery or Laundry.

Also the city is very widespread system of mentoring. This is when a more experienced entrepreneurs teach beginners to do things. If you want to open a business, then it does not matter how old you are — 50 or 15. Business Finance business

It is important to note that the budget of new York there are no special articles for small business financing. Its development is funded mainly by the business itself, namely through the rental fees for the use of markets and public buildings. One of the main sources of this income to Finance the business is Grand Central Market. It is the largest market in Central new York. It sold about 40% of all deliveries in the city. The rent for the use of his premises is to support small business.

The main task — to delay the business in the city

New York is famous for its expensive real estate. This is a big problem for us, because of this, a lot of young entrepreneurs open their business in other cities. So we are looking for any ways to give young people the opportunity to open his own laboratory in new York.

For example, during the First world war in new York was built by the Brooklyn Army Terminal. During the war there were sent of ships with military equipment — tanks, planes. For a long time it was abandoned. However, since the mid-1980s, the city decided to give his small business. Here you can rent space for the laboratory for just 1 dollar. Rival Silicon valley

Now new York is in third place in the United States in the number of startups. In the first place — Silicon valley in California, the second in Boston. However, we are actively developing business accelerators. The city has about 120 accelerators. Most of them are located in new York University. This is a big intellectual and scientific center. A city in the city. We hope that after 15 years in new York surpass Silicon valley. Association of retailers is a huge Mall

In new York there is still no Wallmart, although the supermarket chain is trying to come into the city since 2012 (however, the first attempt to open a supermarket in Brooklyn was unsuccessful — was opposed by the trade unions. — Delo.UA). It is like a huge machine grinds small producers.

So as an alternative of Walmart in new York we develop produce markets.

In addition, the city is very widespread Association of retailers. Instead of going to the Mall, they create their own enterprises and develop the territory, engaged in its improvement. It’s true, is more suitable for the Central part of the city. In the suburbs you can meet a lot of the Mall and McDonald’s, which is almost there in the middle of new York.

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