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Konu the fourth top managersto position at swova bsnes today Obama Inka. About TSE SWAT Dan globalno some compan “Grant Thornton” for the 2017 year. TSI 25% pokey scho PK, yakogo dosage women have bsnes have swova MASSTAB, and porwnania iz 2016, the Tsey is pokaznyk SRS lachey 1%. Unfortunately, global SVT stosovno ldeska positions of Ukrainian zhinok HNO participation from bsnes statistics vdata. Delo.ua together with informatino-analtical platform YouControl conducted properly dozen, trem visnovkou yakogo domos today.

Yak mi z asuvale view from the past time, the middle zasnovnik to a b_znes in Ukraine zhinok to 28.3% against 71.7% of colocs. I taqiy potasnik (mayzhe 30%) Vlastimil not only for NASA of the country. If poravnati Dan torknulo global Dolce compan Mastercard, conducted in 54 Cranach, it is possible prosterity nastupnu trend: Cranach s high runem dochodu number pgpring Saga 22-33% (best instant position Novo Zeland), Cranach iz Visim seredni income from 8% to 34% (ldir Botswana), Cranach z nizkim seredni income — from 3% to 30%. On this fan duzhe wirsenius of the country s nizkim income from svoi pokusniki 26.1 per cent (Ethiopia) and the remaining 34.8 per cent (Uganda).

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Nails Vraja those scho sama in afrikanski Ugand nails pgpring. Ale tsogo for what reason. Vanessa Erogbogbo, head programs include z prosuvannya of mozhlivosti for zhinok have thergbl International torgovelnye center (ITC), poyasnyu: “Yakscho Ukraine in many zhinok namagayutsya pobuduvati CT”ru from companies that organzatsii, Afric stink usually Sami stuti pgprint. , Uganda Persha middle such countries. The problem with that, what have the country not viscacha rabochih MSCI, identity people nichogo not nsogo lists, Yak struvite VLAN”. That is the situation I n Uganda — TSE redse of vinotok iz rules, and vlasnici to a b_znes more from Cranach iz high runem dohodu.

This argument tells demonstra Mineralni rating “Ndex procuranda 2017 rock”. Middle of tricky lders Norway (1st meeting place), new Zealand (2nd meeting place), Finlande (3-yea the meeting place) — country, de vlasnici to a b_znes pripada animense 30%. Zgidno iz Statistics Norway, Norweg Tsey pokaznyk for the camp for the fall 2016 rock skladov the 38.2%, Novo Zeland — 33,3% (data dozen Mastercard). Schodo Finlyandiï, sche 2010 share zhinok middle vlasniku to a b_znes has become mayzhe 30% and 30,1% — Sered SEO companies (for data STO Probasco Commission).

Sweno, Neogene bootie charging iz tsimi razvivalki cranny, given Shoe pokusniki predstavlennost zhinok have pgprint. Ale postauth power: chomu for abi zhinok SEO has become 6% more from global MASSTAB, pslo as much as 13 years? On Demba Sprouse sniti to answer nastupni castin dozen.

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