7 best film adaptations of books about business

It is considered that books more authoritative and informative source compared to the movies. However, a good movie sometimes it is necessary and useful, besides it is a great way to escape from daily routine and relax. Together with channels TV1000, we have compiled a list of equivalent alternatives: good books on business and worthy adaptations.

Book: Atlas shrugged, Ayn Rand, 1957

Adaptation: “Atlas shrugged”, 2011

The novel by Ayn Rand first published in 1957. He immediately became a bestseller among readers. And although critics without much raved about product, time has shown that the book was just ahead of his generation. In 2008, amid the global crisis, the novel has become more relevant than ever. This is the story of a dystopian world in which the representatives of big business trying to save their business from the attacks of the socialist politicians, but almost inevitably fail.

Like the original work, the 2011 film is divided into three chapters. One of the main roles in the film played by Taylor Schilling, known to viewers for her role in the popular series “Orange is the new black.”

Book: the pursuit of happyness, Chris Gardner, Quincy Corpse, 2006

Adaptation: “the pursuit of happyness”, 2006

Hard to believe that this could actually happen to one person. This is the story of the indefatigable Chris Gardner, who through his perseverance and hard work could go all the way from the not very successful sales representative, emerging from poverty to one of the most successful brokers of his time. But the facts are there — this story is not fictitious, and described by Chris Gardner in his autobiographical book.

That the memoirs of Gardner has potential in Hollywood realized even before their publication, when the millionaire gave the resonant interview with the popular TV show. Immediately after the publication began the shooting of the film, in which the main role was played by will Smith, which received for this work was nominated for an Oscar. For the sake of drama, some biographical facts have been changed. The Gardner can be seen in a cameo in the final scene of the drama.

Book: thank you for Smoking, Christopher Buckley, 1994

Adaptation: “thank you for Smoking”, 2005

After the publication of the book “thank you for Smoking” Christopher Buckley suddenly woke up famous all over the world. A novel in a satirical vein, revealing the ins and outs of the tobacco industry, was the audience like. On the work of tobacco lobbyist nick Naylor, the main character works, Buckley told on the basis of their many years of experience in marketing and media. In summary Christopher is the work in editions of Forbes and Esquire, as well as the position of speechwriter for former U.S. President George H. W. Bush.

Adaptation of the novel Buckley, the eponymous tape with Aaron Eckhart in a leading role — presented to the public at the 2005 Toronto film festival. The film was nominated for several prestigious awards, including a Golden globe. Critics especially raved about the satirical dialogues, almost completely copied from the book-source.

If you liked the novel “thank you for Smoking,” also suggest to read the “Day of the Boomerang” by the same author.

Book: the Wolf of wall street, the Hunting of the wolf, Jordan Belfort, 1998

Adaptation: “the Wolf of wall street”, 2013

Jordan Belfort is a notorious figure in the world of Finance and business. His methods were not always legal. However, this guy definitely does not take away the fact that he is able to earn money. As soon as he had served time for financial fraud, he immediately wrote a two-volume memoir about his own success story. According to him, he did this in order that his children were able to learn from books about the life of the father. But Jordan was able to earn some money on their offspring. It’s fascinating reading attracted not only business, but Hollywood kinodela.

In 2013, a distinguished Hollywood Director Martin Scorsese has directed an adaptation of “the Wolf of wall street”, where the main role played by Leonardo DiCaprio. The film received five nomination for an Oscar, including in the category “Best film”.

Book: the Godfather, Mario Puzo, 1969

Adaptation: “the Godfather”, 1972

Even if you are not cheating gangster surroundings, which clothed the work. We declare that “the Godfather” is one of the most entertaining and informative books about the building and running of the business. The protagonist of the works of Vito Corleone, the head of the powerful mafia clan that settled in the United States. In the course of the story, he gives many useful tips on negotiating with partners and competitors, sharing experience of the successor, as well as expanding its sphere of influence. Exclude from this scheme gloomy guys with guns at the ready — and get a unique business benefit. As an Italian immigrant in America, Puzo used the documentary not only Chronicles, but also their own experience.

In 1972, he released his classic film adaptation, which is then continued in two movies. Tape with Marlon Brando and al Pacino in the lead roles has received three Oscars, including for best adapted screenplay for Mario Puzo and Francis Ford Coppola.

Book: Oil!, Upton Sinclair, 1927

Adaptation: “Oil”, 2007

The work by Upton Sinclair is considered a true classic of American literature. Released in 1927, it tells the story of benny Ross, the son of a wealthy oil tycoon who started from the bottom and independently amassed an impressive fortune. In the center of the plot — the confrontation between the oil owners and brothers Ross, one of whom is a preacher and the other is fighting for the rights of the working class.

In the film adaptation of Paul Thomas Anderson, which was published exactly 80 years later, history has undergone significant changes. The name oil of the family was replaced by a Plainview, and the father of the family came to the fore. The original rolling title belt — There Will Be Blood (translated as “let there be blood”). The film was awarded two Oscars, including best actor for Daniel day-Lewis.

Book: Chocolate, Joanne Harris, 1999

Adaptation: “Chocolate”, 2000

But the work of Joanne Harris, not long we had to wait for the wings to get on the big screens. The film rights were purchased by the Studio almost immediately after publication, and a year later appeared in the same drama.

“Chocolate” is the story of the heroine named Vien, who moves with her daughter to a small town and sets up shop with the chocolate. At first the conservative citizens will not accept a wayward woman, but then penetrate her sincerity and ability to pick up Goodies at the request of each visitor. In 2007 and 2012 were released two books-continue, telling about the fate of Vianne: “the Lollipop shoes and Peaches for Monsieur Le Cours”.

Adaptation with Juliette Binoche and johnny Depp created by Lasse Hallstrom, has some differences from the novel. Fans of the works point out that the story was more soft and kind, although has not lost the spirit, given Harris. Tape received five Oscar nominations, including best picture.

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