Join forces: Ukrainians are learning to print on a 3D printer human bone

Three or four years ago printed on a 3D printer Souvenirs were very popular in Ukraine. Several citizens have interested in this technology, decided that trinkets for 3D printing is not the limit, and a startup join forces, which in three years grew up in a factory in Odessa.

To join forces has developed the technology, your 3D printer, green powder and started to print complex design accessories. And now, together with European research laboratories Ukrainians are learning to print on a 3D printer bones and organs. The same results for bioprinting 3D printer

“The majority of fractures do not heal and serious damage due to accidents and military actions lead to amputation,” says co-founder join forces Vladimir Usov. Therefore, the same results for bioprinting bone implants and organs is a very promising direction, because on a 3D printer, you can print implants a perfect shape.

“I saw on TV that from bone chips molded bones, and thought: why sculpt when you can print. Our bones are composed of calcium phosphate is a powder which you can buy at the pharmacy,” says Mustache.

This idea interested in two European laboratories in Sweden and Switzerland, and one from the United States. Now these laboratories are researching and testing the technology and powders.

“First we invite a person to scan his bones, then create his personal account, which will be a 3D Atlas of the body with bones and organs — say to join forces. — If a person breaks his arm in another country, the doctor just walks into the database, finds a bone and print on a 3D printer is bone a perfect shape”.

First results on bioprinting organs join forces to expect in a year. And for 10 years, as suggested by Vladimir Usov, it will be possible to print on a 3D printer kidney and heart.

“Organ transplantation is a redistribution of the scarce resource. In the United States about 100 thousand people on the transplant list in the world — millions of people,” says the entrepreneur. 3D printing organs could save many lives.

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3D printing bones and organs is to join forces a new direction. About 90% of the company’s revenue now provides the industry’s design. Join forces to print complex interior accessories made of ceramics for design studios, galleries and museums.

“The main advantage for designers working with us is that they can launch a brand and business without investment. For example, I want to sell designer cups. In the traditional approach it is necessary to establish production somewhere in China, to order a batch of at least 100 thousand, to invest, to invest in logistics. While there is a risk that my cups do not buy it. With our help, everything is easier. We make a very low threshold of entry into the business, allowing the designer to make your Cup for $20 and the market for checks, whether this product”, — says Vladimir.

Products are printed from a special powder, which the Ukrainian clay, a little sugar, glass, sand and starch. All the ingredients are natural and do not pollute the environment. But it’s important to mix them in correct proportions.

What is sustainability in business decisions?

The company is the developer of the world’s first high-precision 3D printer to print ceramics. The technology is patented and can be used in various fields: from printing of turbine blades to print bone implants. Innovative solutions are developed at the factory of 3D printing in Odessa. Work not only in Ukraine but also in the United States and Europe in the fall I plan to open an office in London. Production remains in Ukraine

Per month join forces to produce about 1 thousand products. The major customers are from the United States, Holland, Sweden, Denmark, France, great Britain and Spain. All production is located in Odessa. On the territory of the plant “Stalkanat” is not only printed all one thousand of products, but also are going to do 3D printers that are going to join forces to export. Ukrainians have already received 13 orders for the supply of printers $350 thousand, two of them for the Corporation General Electric.

“About 30% of the printer is imported components, mostly electronics. The remaining 70% — own design and Cabinet Assembly. While we will concentrate on small batches of 10-15 printers. Get feedback from customers, improve the printer where need be. The next batch will be bigger and better printer. Will grow, increasing the volume of production, and quality”, — says Vladimir.

According to the businessman, Ukraine is now one of the best places in the world to open a production company. The combination of exchange rate difference between the hryvnia and the dollar, a large number of employees with engineering skills and relatively low production costs make Ukraine a competitive country.

“To organize production in China would be even more economical. But the Assembly printer is a very complex production, therefore, should be quality control at each site. Not easy to organize careful control remotely, so we stopped in Odessa,” says Mustache. Collaboration with America and Europe

In the summer of the us accelerator Techstars in partnership with Stanley Black & Decker has launched a new acceleration program for manufacturing startups. Join forces to become one of the first residents.

“Techstars has a high reputation, helps us with the acquisition of the right connections. Since we are his members, we opened all the doors. It is easy for us to find American partners”, — says the businessman.

Since most orders — about 80% — are in the United States, join forces to have an office in the United States. In the fall of 2018, the company will open one in London. “We offer something that you can touch, create physical objects that people can watch, to check, to hold in hand, — says the businessman. — For Europe market, it is important to have confidence in the company. So we open in London such a showroom, where will be presented the model of our printer and our products.”