Long-distance relationships: How to build an effective remote team in the style community

Yes, the office is required, said Jason fried and David Heinemeier in his eponymous book. And added: world without/outside the office is no longer a future.

I read their “Remote” when it is not suspected that I would get a real dream team, where you will need to manage at a distance. It was in 2014, I led the regional edition of one of the largest on the channel “Ukraine”.

Now it’s 5 editors, 46 journalists and operators that produce 90-100 a week. The work in the Bureau is a daily overcoming laziness, fatigue, fear, irritation. Sometimes burnout, Intrusive calls heroes and anti-heroes, the need to correct the mistakes of others, work without days off, the distance from the center, and loneliness.

But to be a foreign correspondent of the national channel is the slope of what anyone says. So #regonises is not just a hashtag for the memories and cool photos. This is my remote team work, built on the rules of the community.

Our community has a common goal, values and motives. We want to be not only timely but useful — working in the style of practical journalism.

We have clearly built the border: members of the editorial community understand, accept and carry out the internal rules. The main communication with the correspondents (one of my goals as a leader –timely informing of employees) takes place in electronic form. There is an official corporate e-mail, closed user group and live chat quick response. The most important spoken on the phone.

To build an effective community important traditions and live meeting. Our staff support them “old-timers” — correspondents who are working in the company for more than 10 years. At least once a year we meet in the main office, study, rest, communicate, summarize, reward the best employees, set goals for the next period. Those who cannot attend a regional meeting, remove for colleagues welcome clip, send gifts. At Christmas we play Secret Santa. Celebrate birthdays of children. If necessary, give each other moral and material support.

The results of research, in effective teams of colleagues can ask each other any questions, including ridiculous and stupid. Safely share personal stories, exchange advice on family life, parenting, all kinds of Hobbies. And it’s all about us.

If the community develops properly, inside it is possible to draw energy and inspiration. Managed to organize the work in such a way that the first feedback on the materials was given by the colleagues. Moreover, this constructive praise and constructive criticism. Team members directly impact the professional growth of each other. The so-called motivation from within.

Motivation from the outside is the decentralization in the wording (we believe its the journalist and allow him to make decisions independently). As bequeathed to Peter Drucker, you need to focus on what people can do and not on what you do not know how. All journalists are effective in different ways: if one is easier to work out the direct inclusion, the other is to prepare a report from the scene, then the third — it is better to Tinker with the text, “spin” interview, to work with the characters.

My position: consider a genius in each and not get tired to repeat this — to give the chance to be part of our mediacommunity.

Every day more and more people in the world work outside of the office. To manage remote employees — global management challenge. Invariably one thing: people are still the main resource of any company. And so — Yes, office not required.