Future “Jules”: why the “Kiev” airport expands terminal

In September of this year the passenger traffic of international airport “Kiev” (Juliani) has increased more than 30% compared to the same period last year. For the first month of autumn, the airport handled more than 300 thousand passengers, and with the beginning of the year more than 2.2 million passengers. For this indicator, as well as in the number of flights, it is the second in Ukraine after one of the capital’s airport “Borispol”.

Currently, the airport “Kiev” works with 43 airlines, 7 of which are low-cost airlines. The growth of passenger traffic, as well as the specifics of working with low-cost airlines and became the main reason why the airport has decided to expand its terminal “A”.

Photo: A. Master The decision of the investor

With the development and maintenance of the airport “Kiev” has been the company “Master-Avia”, the ultimate beneficiaries of which are the businessman Vasily Khmelnytsky and the head of the Board of Directors of the airport Denis Kostrzhevsky. Six months ago the shareholders of “Master-Avia” made the decision to invest in the completion of terminal A, which now service all of the international flights of the airport.

Only the completion of the terminal the investor plans to invest $25 million “the Terminal will be completed not in order to increase the flow of passengers, and make for a comfortable stay it is available. We have seven lowcost now and they usually fly at the same time and during peak hours the airport is overloaded”, — explained to journalists Vasily Khmelnytsky during the presentation of the construction works on completion of the terminal, which started two months ago.

Vasily Khmelnytsky. Photo: A. Master

As an added Denis Kostrzhevsky, answering the question about the origin of the investment for the project part will be own funds of the investors of the loans.

Denis Kostrzhevsky. Photo: A. Master What will happen and when

After the reconstruction of the terminal building “A” will be increased by 9.5 thousand sq m, thus the total area will amount to more than 23 thousand sq. m. currently nearing completion of construction of reinforced concrete frame and after 1-2 months, the airport expects to finish the facade.

Reconstruction of terminal A has begun. Photo: A. Master

Expansion of the terminal, according to airport officials, will more than double to improve the performance of passenger service. “The number of check-in desks will be doubled, also double the increase the number of gates and the same amount will increase the number of control points for aviation safety. Passengers will be able to quickly go through all the procedures,” said Denis Kostrzhevsky. In particular, the airport management expects that the increase in terminal space will eventually cut the travel time by the passenger of all procedures from 50-60 to 25-30 minutes.

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On the ground floor attached of the terminal will be located 18 check-in counters, equipped with 9 points of security control. On the second floor, which will maintain the Elevator and escalator will be located 18 stands of border control. After passport control passengers will get into the waiting area, which will open 3 restaurants, 2 bars and 2 duty free shop.

Photo: A. Master

Open updated and expanded terminal at Zhulyany expect by may next year.

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