FAST: training to change the situation when people are dying that can be saved

Each day there are many emergency situations where vital first aid pending medical: it is emergency condition where, for example, suddenly burst vessel or the heart has stopped. A person has 5-7 minutes to save a life when cardiac arrest is 4-6 minutes in case of critical bleeding.

Of course, need to save the doctors, but in any country they arrive in any place and at any time over three minutes. The only way is the intervention of people nearby.

Often need to do simple actions, but to learn the algorithm help to overcome fear only by using offline training. It created a team of FAST entrepreneur Fyodor Serdyuk. It all started with volunteering

“In 2013 I was a student, wanted to become a lawyer, I thought that this profession will help me achieve my goal, but the Maidan began, the echoes of which may come to Odessa. The second of may killed about 50 people, and I’m not able to help, was completely useless, although did struggle and thought I was tough,” recalls Fyodor.

The next night in the square at Duke (the place where the assembled activists), he met old friends from the red cross and they offered him to become a paramedic to help people in such situations as may 2. “I agreed. On 7th may was the first briefing, so since I’m in the subject,” says the founder of the company FAST.

Now, despite the fact that many look at FAST puzzled (like, there’s an ambulance, here it even saves), the business grows and develops, and Fyodor Serdyuk sure that this field of activity is immense and plenty of space.

However, business skills training, life saving became not at once. First, doing first aid as a volunteer. Had the experience from the Czech rescue workers Federation of the red cross, the project “Medsanbat”, (organized by the patrons of Victor and Elena Pinchuk in the fall of 2014: there are Americans taught first aid for combat injuries). Then in Slavyansk assisted in trainings for the Ukrainian military, and also coached APU troops, border guards and volunteer battalions in their location or directly to the ATO.

Fakap and changing business models

Returning to Odessa, Fyodor, registered PE, with pocket $150. Called simple: “first aid Courses”. First he’s with the team, consisting of friends, decided to teach in Odessa individuals.

At that time already had an understanding of the scale of the problem and the belief that if we educate not only physicians and police officers and more ordinary people, it will allow to avoid a huge number of deaths.

“Invested time in their expertise, competence, certification, helped us Impact Hub Odessa — patrons Egor Grebennikov, Alexander Slavskiy,” recalls the entrepreneur.

But in this form it does not matter. Private courses sold poorly and the business skills of their organizers was not. Had to do a business education.

But with experience came the understanding of the economic issues: at the country level — is the loss of GDP, at the enterprise level, the costs associated with the death of an employee in the workplace (FAST their evaluate in million hryvnia). Then Theodore decided to change the business model and start working with large corporations, capable is system to pay for the training of their employees. Changed the name: with undifferentiated “Courses” on the conceptual FAST.

FAST means fast. And is the detection algorithm of stroke (Face Arm Speech Time). And it stands for First Aid and Special Training — first aid and special training The priority consistency

“The real success in this business can only be achieved with a large number of its customers and systematically work with them, — said Fedor. — Find a large enterprise, explain the value to decision makers. And then develop it from year to year.”

In the first year taught the company’s employees care for injuries, in the following — in case of emergency, then — fire safety.

In addition to the skills of first aid skills, taught industrial enterprises to minimize the risks for people when disasters, fires and other emergency situations. Help to identify where likely can hurt people, and to understand why. Common values

According to Fedor, representatives of the corporate sector, he is able to communicate much better than with others: “of Course, we were worried when it was in the company. I was 19 years old when I came to negotiations in the vast agricultural holding with 16 thousand employees.

Has not managed and without funny situations, like the one when HR couldn’t find me in the lobby where there were two of us — me and the waiter, because I expect to see more adult”. Now he would have advised myself then not to pay attention to such nonsense, but simply to do their job, “Because when you can prove the value proposition and the professionalism of the company you buy from, even if you are very young, even if you’re crazy”.

The main value of the proposed trainings founder FAST sees in combining Western standards with a unique technique of teaching developed by the company and proven in large-scale projects, like the training of 4,500 candidates in the patrol police ( Odessa, Nikolaev, the river, Lisichansk, Kherson, Slavyansk, Kramatorsk, Zaporizhia, etc.).

“Our value is fun and practicality. To have fun and work with your hands”. Fyodor Serdyuk, FAST

To maintain skills gained during the training, added chat, and notes taken in training video. Created a chatbot on the basis of the Telegram.

“Coming into the company, we explain that the benefits of the courses is reputation, — said the businessman. — That people will not be afraid to go to work for the company if they know that the employer cares about human life.”

What is sustainability in business decisions?

A system of first aid training, where learning is easy and fun (edutainment). Efficiency is achieved through regular repetition of skills and post-training support. Through the training, apply skills including life-saving members of the community. Simply scaling to other regions of Ukraine.

Earn FAST started. According to Fedor, the business has high profitability that allows you to develop and grow, making major internal investments to purchase the required training equipment, search and training of trainers.

It is also important that the company does not need a large stationary office, lots of expensive office equipment, etc. currently, the share of outsourcing far exceeds in-house. Large corporations require large accounting, legal and IT resources.

A portion of the profit goes to the social responsibility program. “At his own expense to train charities such as “Pills”, “Newton kids”, children with disabilities, and supported School Health NaUKMA, because it is the future managers of medicine,” adds Fyodor Serdyuk.

FAST have a partner — Service of emergency medicine California ( — the state organization of USA is a certificate authority company) whereby instructors have access to its programs and expertise. Train your crowning blow

At the moment, the team conducts intensive FAST expansion in various industries. Interested in promising technological projects, such as the machine for intensive care and tracking of health status.

It’s not sprayed. “There are millions of things interesting to do. This video of the rescue operation, and training of physicians, military personnel, firefighters, but if you want to become a champion, you don’t have to train a thousand blows, you have to train one crowning blow a thousand times,” — said Fedor.

While adding a single product that has already been very successful — Reskits. This is the kit for emergency first aid, a kind of smart-kit. Launched it, as we have seen that customers is not enough to get a basic set of knowledge and skills, you also need to give them at least a minimal set of tools. Small business is a guerrilla group

Business that deals FAST, only created in Ukraine, although in this area has a few companies. But so far, not even understanding that the instructor in first aid is a separate profession, not the doctor who on the weekends someone teaches. So FAST building the system. To work in team are key factors personal history related to the experience of first aid (and even unsuccessful), responsibility, ability to learn and to teach, as well as what Theodore calls “the web”.

The people in the team. Only 20 people. Is Vlad Vasilishin: he 18 years went as a volunteer into the army, and now he’s got a lot of experience in first aid, including combat injuries.

There Savva: he is from Luhansk region, a former policeman, saw people die because of lack of required skills, police can’t provide adequate assistance. Is it a big pain.

“These are people on whom you can rely. I see small business as a guerrilla unit: it is the people with whom we go to the intelligence every day and fight for their goals,” sums up Fedor.

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