The European Union has decided for 2020 to massively switch to electric buses

By 2020, the majority of buses in Europe will not produce emissions. They are transferred to the buses. This International mayors summit, announced the head of sales and planning of Daimler Buses Thomas Tongeren.

“By 2020, many European cities will switch to buses. Among them large European capitals — Paris and London,” he said.

Also by 2025-2030 the buses will move the whole country. For example, France and Finland will switch to electric buses by 2025, Norway by 2030.

Also, until 2020, have agreed to reduce emissions of Italy, Spain, Germany and Poland. For example, Poland until 2020, have agreed to reduce emissions by 30%.

While Thomas Tongeren noted that the transition to electric buses is necessary to consider that the cruising range of the electric bus is 250 km.

“It is important to consider the routes with this in mind, as well as to build stations for recharging electric buses. While the city authorities can significantly save battery electric buses. For this you need to allocate a separate lane for public transport, also to do everything possible for more people to use public transport and not private cars,” he said.

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