Housing or scrap metal: the state Bank wants to do with the property of Vtormet

Today the property is one of the largest scrap processing companies of Kiev could get a new owner. On an electronic platform of state-owned enterprises SETS, which is engaged in the sale of seized property was scheduled for auction for the sale of the integral property complex, located on the street of Kaunas 27. Previously, he belonged to PJSC “Ukrvtorchermet” (Kyiv), which is controlled by the family of Ukrainian businessman of Iranian origin Ali Mohammad Khani Omran. The company is one of Ukraine’s largest groups in the procurement, processing and export of ferrous scrap.

In 2005, she was known as the “Euro Finance Ltd.” and planned to build a metallurgical plant near Kiev — White Church. But the company’s plans have not been implemented. With the advent of the financial and economic crisis of 2008-2009 construction under the White Church was frozen. Ukrainian media reported that the property business of the group was pledged to Sberbank, Sberbank of Russia and VTB Bank. In 2016, the businessman Vasily Khmelnytsky declared that will buy from Ali Omran 50 Hectares in the White Church and will build them an industrial Park.

Scrap metal business has remained under control of former owners. Who and what sells

According to an announcement on the website SET, now the owner of the integral property complex (CEC) is the state “Oschadbank”, which put it up for sale. The company is situated on the left Bank of Kiev near the factory Fanplit, a few hundred meters from the residential complex “Comfort town”. According to information from the ad Bank, the CEC is located on three plots with a total area of over 8 Hectares. The starting price of UAH 175 million.

In “Oshchadbank” on request Delo.UA said that in 2018, the company was in the process of financial restructuring. This procedure of debt settlement in accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On financial restructuring”, which was adopted in the summer of 2016, but actually earned in the spring of 2017. However, the Bank did not tell how he became the owner of this property and what are his expectations from the sale of the CEC. (the paragraph was changed after publication — Delo.UA)

“Ukrvtorchermet” on the phone said that the company continues to work. The company’s lawyer responded that the issue of relations with the Bank to discuss with the owners. But it said that doesn’t know how they can be contacted.

On the website of the Secretariat of the financial restructuring specified that “Ukrvtorchermet” began the process of financial restructuring 8 February 2018 and completed it on 7 August. In the registry specifies that 17 companies deemed related parties with “Ukrvtorchermet”. But it says nothing about the amount of the liability and the conditions under which completed the restructuring.

In the registry of judgments is information about the trial of an entrepreneur who rents space at St. 27, Kaunas, with the “Oschadbank”, “Ukrvtorchermet” and SETS. In the text of the judgment says that the Bank received ownership of the property on the basis of the agreement to satisfy the requirements of a mortgagee, dated August 7, 2018. That is, transmission of the CEC “Oschadbank” has become one of the outcomes of debt restructuring. Who will buy

To participate in today’s auction for the sale of the integral property complex was applied to 4 companies. It would be logical to assume that it is primarily the participants of the market of ferrous metals and, possibly, his previous owners.

However, the description the largest land area of 7.7 Ha said that his appointment “02.07. for NSA itlove zabudowy, category of lands — the earth itlove the gromadsko zabudowy, view usage zemelno dlance for budownictwa, exploits that obslugovuvannya bagatoprofil residential complex z pjanki nazemnye parkname (garages), administrativno-openmi primmerman, torgovelnye-rozvalni, nachalnymi, ozdorovchi the mortgages that himi about”chami General aristofane”. The same information is contained at Public cadastral map of Ukraine.

That is, it may be of interest to developers willing to invest in the creation of another residential complex. Especially because next door is successfully implemented the project “Comfort town”.

Note that according to the terms of the auction, the “Oschadbank” have the right to refuse signing of the contract of purchase and sale with the winner, if he doesn’t meet certain criteria. In all four applications from potential contestants is now marked as “rejected”. A similar situation exists for the second time. September 18 was rejected the request of all five participants. Then the starting price of the CEC amounted to 200 million UAH.

The company continues to accept and recycle ferrous scrap.

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