“Our House Volnovaha”: how do you manage to repair the house in town near the front line

Commercial social enterprise “Our Home is Ukraine” is engaged in maintenance of apartment houses in Volnovakha, major and current repairs. The head of the enterprise Ruslan Miroshnikov says that the key to business 2015. Then from the city EN masse traveled people who have remaining has decreased solvency, and competitors trying to poach clients. The situation was saved by a grant of 852 thousand UAH from UNDP: for the money managed to hire more workers, raise their salaries and buy some equipment.

“We wrote the application in April and in August received a grant to pay 57% of their salaries for 47 jobs. To be honest, we didn’t really expect to get. It was a serious financial start, very timely, and we have more confidence in their own strength,” — said Miroshnikov.

Not to say that since the enterprise just enough, but his strength and prospects believe. Responsible citizens

Before the war Miroshnikov tried to organize in his city associations of condominiums (ajoah). It was hard and people didn’t really want to take responsibility for the home and the local utility didn’t want to lose customers. Now the city management together with the employees and customers joined in the new social enterprise “Our Home is Ukraine”, whose founders are the city Council and public organization “Volnovaske hvilya”. Profit is, but it is distributed among shareholders, and is directed to the needs of the community and social projects.

Now the company serves approximately half of the 160 apartment buildings Volnovakha. You can continue to expand as the number of homes and diversity of services.

But there is a point: the company’s turnover up to 5 million UAH, which allows you to not pay VAT. But with increasing speed, there is a risk of additional tax burden on the enterprise and its customers through higher tariffs. So maybe in Volnovakha will soon be another social enterprise with similar name and range of services to avoid higher tariffs. Confidence doesn’t appear out of thin air

The confidence of the people appeared about a year after the launch of the project in late 2015 or early 2016. Helped visibility: everyone in the house notices what changed that — no.

“And if the people pay for air, now see real changes in their homes,” — said Miroshnikov. According to him, even employees who went to work in “Our Home is Ukraine” with the city housing management, note — over the last few years for homes purchased more building materials than 10 years, bought the house. Last year, for example, overhauls conducted in 15 houses, although in the past the city was renovating one or two houses a year.

From this rate and where did you get the money? Persuaded the city and citizens. For two years in Volnovakha city operates the program “Assistance to owners of apartment buildings”.

The maintenance rate of houses includes frivolous: something to paint, replace a piece of pipe to break the drain, updated lighting. But to overhaul the city used to allocate money from its own budget — on 0,5 million UAH per year. Someone to repair the house — decided city.

“Under the new program, the initiative of carrying out of repair belongs to the owners of the house,” — said Miroshnikov.

Citizens are turning to the PSC, which inspects the house and is the estimate, then the calculations served the city Department of utilities.

“15% is collected by the apartment owners, the rest is financed by the city budget. And because of this, last year we made more than 15 major repairs by forces of our enterprise: someone wanted a new door, some new roof, someone wanted a blind area,” — said Miroshnikov. Responsible community

Part of the profit allocated to help the city school Greco-Roman wrestling, which is supported for many years. Ruslan Miroshnikov speaks about it with pride — Volnovaha gave the two world Champions, European Champions and dozens of Champions.

Another option for corporate philanthropy from the profits can Fund the cost of repairs to homes of poor citizens.

“We are trying to make money, and then nice to spend them,” — said Miroshnikov.

To spend money is where. In addition to sports school to KSP appeal from the district Department of education to buy school books or some equipment.

The traditional question about the boldest dream Miroshnikov responds very practical appliances, namely, vacuum sweepers for streets.

“It would have helped to bring our town to the European standards of service,” he says.

Text: Victoria Ilchenko

Photo: from fb page “Our Home is Ukraine”


What is sustainability in business decisions?

Social enterprise is engaged in modernization of multi-apartment houses and cleaning of adjoining areas at the expense of funds, which consist of the payment of the owners of the houses, their voluntary contributions and the budget, Volnovakha city Council – this funding mechanism is provided in the Program of assistance of activities of condominiums in the city. And the content in the purity of the infrastructure (parks, roads, sidewalks, etc.) comes at the expense of the community. The special nomination “For an inspiring example of responsibility in the conduct of business in a complex region” of the contest was The economic aspect Service is cleaning houses adjoining areas, sidewalks, squares, Park roads, repair of apartment houses and non-residential buildings. The most important thing here is transparency in the use of funds and the participation of residents in planning work and budget, monitoring the expenditure of funds. Advantage is the use of modern machinery and equipment with the assistance of skilled workers.  Environmental aspect Partially installed led lighting and motion sensors in stairwells in apartment buildings. Until the end of the year it is planned to complete replacement of incandescent lamps. The social aspect The creation of a commercial social enterprise is an initiative of local residents — active people, who found effective tools of social entrepreneurship to effectively repair and upgrade the city’s infrastructure. Creating jobs in a difficult region.