Energodare Jerelo: first steps on a new market iconfactory in Ukraine

The newly opened Metropolitan Park Muromets is a green metallic tree. It will help to impress a girl on a first date: via Bluetooth you can transfer to the built-in speakers, romantic song and appear expert IT infrastructure of Kiev. The tree recharges your gadgets and gyrometer, and via Wi-Fi you can share a photo on Instagram.

Wood established the company Jerelo, the team believes that Ukraine needs a completely new market — iconfactory, and could be a more modern city.

The company Jerelo specializiruetsya independent sources of electricity for homes, offices and production. Recent years such solutions are gaining popularity among Ukrainians who want to make your home and your business energy independent.

Jerelo company is quite young, only gaining its niche in the market.

“Our dream is to work on large infrastructure projects. We decided to make a product that was not previously known in Ukraine and offer it to the country and the city,” talks about his idea of the founder of Jerelo Anatoly Stepanenko.

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Originally Stepanenko agreed with the French manufacturer energotarifov NewWindTree to sell them in Ukraine. But the prices on the French trees was quite snappy for the Ukrainian market, then in Jerelo took a chance and set about creating their own Ukrainian tree.

First of all reviewed the energy sources: the French tree was developed under the realities of Marseille — sea windy city because of wind. In Ukraine, it seemed reasonable to add more and solar panels.

The first version of Energomera was good from the point of view of generation: can charge two electric vehicles. However, the cost was even more expensive than French. Had to abandon the wind, and the tree was able to charge only girabaldi and gyrometer. Then the chief designer set a goal to do a project under the Kiev specificity, and offline charging for car tree became part of the urban environment. Fouling functions

When a task is defined, the tree had grown functions: it distributes Wi-Fi to 50 m around, allows you to simultaneously charge 24 devices via USB and four giramondo. Also included are benches for tourists, the place for bikes. Tree completely power Autonomous, remotely controlled via the Internet.

Today most of the components for the production of trees of foreign production. For example, to form sheets of the desired shape, used Asian flexible solar panels, but they are installed on the Ukrainian-based metal, wood and idea.

Despite the abundance of features, the base price has been reduced three times in comparison with the French version — up to 30 thousand euros, and Jerelo went to conquer the capital.

The first tree was erected in the Park Muromets and I expect a big update parks of Kyiv will not be without trees from Jerelo.

“We are negotiating with the city authorities in Kyiv and other cities,” — says Anatoly Stepanenko. Potential locations for installation he calls Parking near shopping centers, pharmacies. The company also is negotiating with Minsk construction firm that is building a block of modern housing, and in addition, offers solutions for municipalities Poland, the Baltic States, Romania and Germany.

Need to do real practical applications

In Ukraine because of the high prices energolinija first of all, this image projects. They can be installed in schools, parks, shopping malls, where people have a rest, so they can charge their devices and use the Internet.

If they establish the city or community, it is an investment in the lives of citizens and a social project. But if it is a commercial company, the tree can be equipped with digital screen or logo on the solar panels.

Stepanenko is confident that with the increasing number of electric vehicles in the country will grow and need to charge their Ukrainian long distances. In this case, it is useful energolinija running on free wind and sun. This he is negotiating with the Ministry of infrastructure.

Although the founder of Jerelo every day dealing with wind turbines, he’s not a fan of “windmills” in modern business considers that it is necessary to engage in real practical applications. “We are working on the concept and efficiency: what is the result for the money invested, what are the characteristics of other indicators”, — said Stepanenko.

For example, the tree for charging the car will cost about 120 thousand euros. Counted, how many it gives energy, how many cars will charge will look like and how to earn it.

On the other hand, although basic and same, but the final cost will be generated for a specific order. “We are working with Kiev: the question about how to set up about 15 trees in the green areas, and recreation areas. It is clear that it will cost much cheaper than one tree,” explains the founder.

Today energodare is the net investment of the company in the project, which is not yet paid off. Anatoly Stepanenko with the team he wants to build a new market in Ukraine — market iconfactory. “And we want to be leaders in this market,” smiles the founder of Jerelo.

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