Ukrainian apples already you can export to India

Phytosanitary authorities of India has taken decision to open its own market for Ukrainian apples, said the Association “Ukrsudprom”.

It is specified that the Ukrainian Apple harvest-2018 can already be delivered in India subject to compliance with phytosanitary conditions. The Indian side have identified the special conditions of export of Ukrainian apples — prior to shipment from Ukraine apples should be stored at 0° for 13 days, which should be stated on the phytosanitary certificate.

“The opening of the Indian market for Ukrainian apples — event number one not only for gardeners but also for Ukraine as a whole. India is able to fully replace the Russian market, which was the main for Ukrainian apples until 2014, and also will lead to the need to improve the technology of cultivation and storage that was not required for the Russian market, as the term of transportation in India almost a month,” the report cited the head of the Association “Ukrsudprom” Dmitry Baby.

It also contributes to the development of Maritime logistics fruit, when exported from Ukraine, will significantly increase the trade turnover between Ukraine and India, given the size and significantly higher cost of Ukrainian apples compared to, for example, crops that are exported to India.

As previously reported, in Ukraine this year gathered a record harvest of apples, which significantly reduced the cost of this fruit to the public.

Apple exports from Ukraine in the first half of 2018 reached 24 thousand tons in 3.9 times more than in the first half of 2017 Is brought Ukraine $8.2 million foreign exchange earnings.

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