How much the budget loses due to illegal fuel

State and local budgets of Ukraine in 2018 will lose about UAH 10 billion from the illegal sale of fuel. “Oil and gas Association of Ukraine” has prepared a number of bills and initiatives that will help to eliminate the illegal fuel market. About this informed the head of the fiscal Committee “Oil and gas Association of Ukraine” Nelya Privalova at the conference Petroleum Ukrаine X, organized by the consulting group “A-95”.

“Violations of at least 1.5 thousand gas stations. The volume of fuel sales through illegal points working without permits in a month is about 40 thousand tons. Forecast losses state and local budgets in 2018 from the operation of the illegal market will be about 10 billion UAH”, — said Nelya Privalova.

Citing data from the Association, she added that the black market in the segment of diesel fuel reaches 20%, liquefied gas — from 30% to 50% depending on the region.

The representative of the Association said that illegal filling work without the paperwork of the land, without formal employment of workers and violation of safety rules. At the same time the threshold of the entrance to this “business” is extremely low.

“If you build a legal gas station costs about $2.5 million, it is illegal to put a “barrel” — $20-30 thousand,” she said.

Meanwhile, with the beginning of 2018, illegal filling massively open throughout Ukraine, according to ekogh. Shadow the leaders are Donetsk, Kyiv and Dnipropetrovsk region.

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