GRS initiates the development of civilized procedures ekokontrol in the seaport

“We need to be actively involved in changing the law. Plus you need to work out how we can stop the chaos in the ports”, — said the head of GDS Ksenia Lyapina following the meeting with business representatives and state officials concerning environmental control in the seaport.

According to her, the need for their adoption is due to both the frequent complaints of the business on abuse of officials of the EPA and adoption of the draft law No. 7010, which provides for the redistribution of powers of state bodies in this sphere. In particular, the function of radiological control is passed to the service.

“Environmental services in the seaport, using imperfection of the legislation, build schemes for unlawful enrichment. This affects the court and the Council, increasing the cost of freight delays with the shipment,” — said Oleksandr Kalenkov, the President of “Ukrmetallurgprom” at the meeting of the working group of the State regulatory service on Tuesday.

According to him, 2015 is a sampling of ballast water is not regulated by any legislative acts,”there Must be a corresponding order of the Ministry of environment. But environmentalists are internal, neutropenie standards. As a result, this test is used as a lever for non-issuance of the court from the port”.

“It was created to corrupt the situation. Now radiological control entrusted to the state border service. But should be designed in collaboration with ASD in accordance with international practice. You also need to develop a procedure for sampling and penalties”, — he stressed.

The head of “Ukrmetallurgprom” also stated that prior to the adoption of these by-laws must stop the practice of action environmental officials in the seaport, in its sole discretion.