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Konu the fourth top managersto position at swova bsnes today Obama Inka, TSE SWAT Dan globalno some compan “Grant Thornton” for the 2017 year. I pokey scho TSI 25% — PC, yakogo dosage women have bsnes have swova MASSTAB. Porwnania iz 2016, the Tsey is pokaznyk SRS lachey 1%. Ale from global sth stosovno ldeska positions of Ukrainian zhinok HNO participation from bsnes statistics vdata. Identity delo.ua together with informatino-analtical platform YouControl conducted properly Dolce, another visnovkou yakogo domos today.

View from the past once mi wrote scho 30,6% Taka number zhinok middle top managerw in Ukraine. Middle vlasniku to a b_znes zhinok sche troch less was 28.3%. Today respond, yakih sama same haluzak HNA number Nile and de predstavlennosti zhinok has to duzhe nishikamo run.

Nails cervna Posad Ukrayinki obimet have sper osti — mayzhe 70%. On the other f Derzhavne management th defense, and takozh obov patterns socalise Strahuvannya is 52.7%. On tretemu — sector timchasovogo Rosman the organization harchuvannya — 43,7%. Further yde receptionists health protection that nadannya corporate help – 43,1%, the operation from SFER administrativnogo dopamine obslugovuvannya 42.5 per cent, operat s nerohome minom — 36,6%, art, sports, entertainment vidpochinok-TA — 31,8%. And have naukovi SFER, vdmo from OSTO, zhinok vzhe less on cervna the Posada is 31.7%.

Sche niece predstavlennosti zhinok on top menedzerskich the tenements from areas finansowo Strahova diyalnosti for 29.3%, nformat Telekomunikasi — 27,8%, optovo Rostro thergbl was 25.4%. And NAIDS zhinok can soustrot middle managerv from construction — 15,9%, SFER postachannja electroenergy, gas, betting that conditioning air — 15.8% of dobunni promislovist — 12,8%

– Osvita ldir middle galuzey, that Ukrayinki Amiraute for zasnuvannya wlasnego to a b_znes: 48% zhinok against 52% colocs, vdmo from the USA, for example. Zgidno zi swem State of Women-Owned Businesses for 2017 year, Americ pgpring nails have SFER the hotel (Saloni beautiful, serve for eye tvarin toscho). Natali in Ukraine Qiu galusi Opera 33,1% pgprint.

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