Which Internet store is open today

What is missing Ukrainians in the network?

Niche shops might not be able to compete with hypermarkets in terms of coverage, but such sites have the ability to attract and retain loyal customers.

Most often, difficulties with purchase of necessary products complain about the supporters of healthy and dietary food, as well as people who are concerned about the ethical part of food production. And if you find the the website that offers the there are some diet products is not difficult, here to order a prepared meal or to make menu for the week for our own needs — is almost impossible.

The growing popularity of the shops with “farm products”, consumers want to enjoy eggs from hens that are not caged, vegetables without processing unnecessary chemicals and the like.

On a modest range of existing projects complain and puppet masters, fishermen and motorists in need of spare parts. And even fans of home gardening complain that you can order flower seedlings to the balcony or the new pots in an apartment is quite the task, because if you want a modicum of choice, we have to go into the greenhouses, which are often located on the outskirts or outside the city.

And how cool would it be if I could buy everything for the holidays could be in one place: candles, greeting cards, attributes, seasonal celebrations, balloons, fireworks! Scattered consumers will be thankful if a store will work around the clock and with fast delivery. Because sometimes you have to pretend that you forgot about someone’s birthday… let’s Say, the capital is urgent to order a bouquet but fresh eclairs gift pack will go only to those who have not the holiday falls on a weekend.

Good aggregators and shops with everyday goods will never be out of business. In this area the competition is higher, but buyers can easily attract what they most lack: range and service.

And if the first is clear — the more products to choose from, the more attractive your shop, then the second many online sellers often forget. It is not important what you sell. Important — as

What does a buyer choosing something on the virtual shelf? To get the right thing in a most convenient way as possible and with the minimum of inconvenience.

In practice, we are faced with the cruel reality where from the time of ordering to the call Manager passes to the week, and time of delivery frighteningly reminiscent of waiting for the caravan traveling along the silk road — for a long time, nervously, and can be lost along the way. This, incidentally, is one of the reasons why users choose verified stores — new sites know what to expect. It’s a shame when after a long process of selecting and filling the basket you don’t even call. The little things that we miss

Rare remains the willingness of the stores to interact with customers without a phone. It is obvious that the seller is interested in how to obtain a “live” order confirmation, but the unwillingness to work “quiet” methods cuts multiple audience segments.

A tick in the box ordering “me not to call” or an opportunity to indicate your preferred method of communication (sms, messengers) are equally necessary and those who are uncomfortable talking on the phone in the middle of the day, and parents of young children whose dream is to break the sudden call. But there are still people with problems of hearing and speech, and just people who choose online shopping, to communicate less.

Many buyers would like to be able to pay from abroad the delivery of products or other goods for elderly relatives. But not every site accepts payment cards, especially overseas. Not enough and opportunities to order or relatives in another city, especially if we are talking about delivery in small towns.

Stores where you can order urgent delivery of alcohol likely to appeal to buyers liking. Paired with them are, oddly enough, stores various repair things, because the trip to the conventional “Hub” takes hours, and at the right time is usually that urgently need hundreds of nails and glue of the Bank. And if you combine a store with the services of the master, who not only brought, say, a light bulb, but screw it — success is almost guaranteed. Existing services the order of repair services do not allow users to pre-select on the list of “nail a shelf, assemble a table, to screw in a light bulb”, and therefore impossible to pre-calculate future costs.

Food delivery in big Ukrainian cities has long encouraged. Even in those institutions that have no deliveries, you can order through special services. But the service “go for me to the specified store, and get on the list”, alas, no.

Guaranteed will be in demand for urgent delivery of medicines. In addition, the range pharmacy shop can expand to the “health Express”, in case of emergency hospitalization, a person could order a ready-made set of things needed at the hospital — from toothbrush to Slippers and towels. Because pharmacies in hospitals are common, and all the rest falls on the shoulders of relatives, which may or may not be. The output would be courier directly to the chamber.

Whichever direction the online store you choose, the important thing to remember is that buyer’s need to love.