The Nobel prize in medicine went to two scientists for research in Oncology

The Nobel prize in medicine and physiology in 2018 was the American scientist James Allison and a Japanese scientist, Tasuku, Honzo, which was noted for its work in the field of cancer therapy. The decision was announced in Stockholm on 1 October, the Nobel Committee.

“Allison and Honjo demonstrated how different strategies of inhibition of the immune system can be used in the treatment of cancer”, — stated in the message the Nobel Assembly at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm. What is the opening of the Nobel laureates-2018

They have found that the immune system of the patient can be “tuned” to fight cancer.

Usually the immune system is self-seeking in our body mutated cells and destroys them, not allowing them to multiply. However, cancer cells have found a way to circumvent that natural protection, allowing the tumor to grow rapidly.

Many types of cancer do it, activating a mechanism that “calms” the immune cells after the attack — so in a healthy organism regulates the strength and duration of the immune response.

Opening Allison and Kodama made a revolution in the treatment of cancer and formed the basis of a new class of drugs, which block the immune response. As a result, the body fights the cells-mutants in a natural way.

Yet these drugs are many side effects, however, they have proven effective in the fight against cancer. In several instances, doctors were able to cure patients even in late stage cancer that was considered incurable.

Scientists will share the prize, which amounts to 9 million Swedish kronor (slightly more than $1 million).

Last year the Nobel prize in medicine and physiology obtained by American scientists Jeffrey Hall, Michael Rosbash and Michael young for the study of molecular mechanisms controlling the circadian rhythms of people, animals and plants.

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