“Kyivenergo” bought the property for the operation of heating systems

Municipal enterprise “Kievteploenergo” purchased from PJSC “Kyivenergo” property on 269,5 million UAH, according to the website ProZorro.

The contract of purchase and sale between the parties was signed last week on September 27.

We are talking about property that is used in the operation and service of objects of power of the city — machinery, automobiles, excavators, tools, equipment, computers and furniture.

So, for 80,96 million UAH acquired 200 vehicles and machines.

Another 188,53 million UAH 46 thousand units of property (including artificial tree 7 thousand and the lilac bushes for 15 UAH).

Most expensive list of property were: fluid coupling 650 SVTL (4,34 million UAH), the site of a heating system from the thermal camera TK404 to TK315 on the street (3.67 mln UAH) and the plot of T/M-9 from CHP No. 6 (3,66 million).

This complex property was purchased “Kyivenergo” in the period of operation of the company urban thermal power complex.

We will remind, earlier “Kievteploenergo” took from “Kyivenergo” complex of thermal power facilities that are in communal ownership (CHPP-5, CHPP-6, the incineration plant “Energy”).

As previously reported, “Kievteploenergo” to take on the work of all employees “Kyivenergo”, as well as get the entire debt of the company.

In 2017, ended the contract of the city with “Kyivenergo” on the use of holistic and energy complex of the capital. KSCA extended the term of the agreement until the end of the heating season 2017-2018.

For the new heating season the thermal economy of Kyiv was to prepare the municipal enterprise “Cavalotti”. However, it was discovered that the company does not have this authority — any license or approved tariffs. To ensure the smooth operation of objects in transit “Kievteploenergo” KCSA suggested that the city Council extend the contract with PJSC “Kyivenergo” in the use of TPP-5, TPP-6 and a waste incineration plant “Energy” until June 30, 2018, in part of other property (including heat distribution networks) — up to 30 April.

However, the city Council approved the allocation of over 1 billion UAH for the maintenance of utilities in the first months of operation.

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