Chernigov 130 million UAH “textile-Contact” will open a new factory for the production of fabrics

“Textile-Contact” is planning to invest up to 130 million UAH in the production of fabrics to the end of 2019, according to the website of the company.

In September of this year to create a new production company started repair workshops with a total area of 3.5 thousand square meters and installation of equipment of the new enterprise in Chernigov.

Plan to open it in December of this year.

The company said that by the end of the year to invest in new capacity to 30 million UAH, and until the end of 2019 — about UAH 100 million.

As noted, the launch of the new production will create up to 80 jobs, and after reaching full production capacity by the end of 2019 — up to 100 seats.

The plant’s capacity will be 2.3 million meters of fabric per year.

The basic range of materials will be fabric from 100% cotton: twill, bleached and printed calico, printed cotton and blended fabric plasia “Greta”. In addition, the company plans to produce special fabric for the Ministry of defense of Ukraine.

When launching a new enterprise, the company wants to reach the prewar level of production and to replace the lost enterprise “TK-Donbass”.

Recall that in 2014 the group of companies “textile-Contact was part of the company “TK-Donbass”, which produced 60% of cotton fabrics in Ukraine (2 million running meters a month). After 2014, the control over the enterprise completely lost.

In 2017, the company planned to establish a joint venture with the firm “Temp-3000” and expand production on the basis of “Boguslav Textile” (Kyiv region). But from January 2018, “textile-Contact” out of SP, and it was decided to establish his own company

As previously reported, in February 2017, “textile-Contact” participated in the tender of “Ukrzaliznytsia” for the purchase of bed linen. Then the textile manufacturer has remembered the “numerous complaints” from which the contest has been delayed for more than two months.


“Textile-Contact” was founded in 1995 and today is a holding company, bringing together various aspects of asset: wholesale and retail, import of fabrics, accessories and home textiles, sewing work clothing (including military uniforms).

The founder of the group is the Ukrainian businessman and public figure Alexander Sokolovsky.

Manufacturing group of companies — garment factory “TK-Style” (Chernigov); production of clothes; a factory for the production of home textiles; the production of yarn TM “Barva”.

The distribution network of the group represented by hypermarkets “Chestnut” (retail and wholesale trade textiles), sewing accessories shops “TK-FURNITURA” shopping “Home textiles” online store

The group’s turnover in 2017 amounted to about 850 million.

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