Apples in Ukraine fell because of record crop

This year Ukraine has harvested a record crop of apples, which have significantly reduced their prices for the population, according to analysts at Pro-Consulting.

Last year the price of apples in September and October were about 20 UAH per kg. In the same year, the price ranges from 6 to 16 UAH/kg depending on the varieties of the fruit.

But this situation will not last long, analysts say. Since November the price of apples will grow in average by UAH 1-2 every month until the next harvest. Such price increases, the analysts explain a short shelf life — part of apples is spoiled and varieties stored better, the farmers will hold until better times, when their prices will be much higher.

It is expected that by the end of 2018 increase in the total yield of apples in Ukraine will amount to 15%. The reason for the active interest of farmers for growing apples due to the large prospects for export of fruits and processed products.

Segmentation of fruit and berry production in Ukraine in kind, thousand tons

Today apples are traditionally the most popular for growing fruit in Ukraine, the volume of production is about 72% of all cultivated fruits and berries in the country.

Recall, Apple exports from Ukraine in the first half of 2018 reached 24 thousand tons in 3.9 times more than in the first half of 2017 Is brought Ukraine $8.2 million of foreign exchange earnings, which is 5.3 times more than in 2017 year.

The main buyer of Ukrainian Apple still remains Belarus, which actively increases volumes of import of this production.

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