10 tips founder Ulichnaya Eda Novel Tugasheva future entrepreneurs

In the framework of the educational project Business2Students by Watsons Ukraine, the founder of the festivals Ulichnaya Eda and BeLive Roman tugashev told students of the Kyiv national trade-economic University on where to start if you want to be successful, where to look for motivation and why fucapi useful. Start working now

The sooner you start to gain practical skills, the faster you will find a well-paid job.

In 2002, I settled on one day a loader, but quickly realized that I refrigerator — incompatible. Even he worked as a watchman, but later I was able to find work on the speciality, the result of 8 years of successful legal practice. You cannot invest in a business all the existing money

30-40% of the available business development funds must be returned to you “just in case”.In 2011, I tired to practice law, and I decided to become a restaurateur. In GastroBar Tomatoes had invested about $100 thousand Over time, the school had to close because of the many problems. And all because I had the money, but skills and knowledge was not — this is a major mistake. Don’t do that just like you

I loved the Spanish kitchen and felt her love all around. Thought the paella, which we served in the GastroBar Tomatoes — friendly product and everyone knows. But it turned out that Kiev did not know about it did nothing. The visitors were, but they had to tell, what is sangria and pintxos.

No need to invent anything

Mankind has invented everything. Take a good idea, reformat it and implement in Ukraine. The Americans say that about Chinese: when in new York this morning, the company comes up with something, in China, have lunch out the finished product, and in the evening he had already appeared on the market. Festivals street food — it’s absolutely not a new story, just at the time of the launch in 2013 of this concept in our country. Entrepreneurship is the attraction

The most important thing to get from this attraction fun. Is work 24/7 to the detriment of all their needs. This constant communication, development, mistakes and tough competition. It’s like a roller coaster ride: you climb up steeply, then we go down, lose everything and then rise again. About fucapo

Fucapi is something that should not be afraid. It is very important to learn from mistakes and not repeat them. You can get a lot of money and stuck in very serious trouble, but if you do go, make mistakes and don’t repeat later — it makes you harder, better, faster. The patent on the name

Whatever you create, you need to register, because as soon as born is an interesting product tomorrow there are those who want to copy it. You need to protect your business. If it is protected, and trademark registration is a security feature that gives you the opportunity to live in peace. Disconnect Instagram and Facebook

Work with social networks solely for the purpose of business development. Facebook is a time eater. I understand that for young people is difficult. You can relax, but remember: while you are relaxed, there are people who are fleeing. These people in two years will be at a great distance from you.


Never before has mankind had such great opportunities to travel! Bezviz is a million impressions and a million ideas. Effect If

Not long ago, a guy texted nick: “Want you to work 24/7, but there is a problem, I just finished the 10th class.” Grader as a Prime example of what I said above: nick correctly used Facebook, was persistent, knew what he wanted, acted quickly and decisively. All this has led him to success — I’ll take him for work after graduation.

The initiator of the project Business2students Natalia Dmitrenko noted that the draft this season took on a new meaning. “We are delighted that the speakers in B2S entrepreneurs and top managers, who all have something to tell today’s students and who have achieved success thanks to his hard work. During workshops there is an amazing exchange of energy: students take the knowledge and tips, and the speakers are now ready to share”.