Microsoft stops supporting Skype Classic c 1 Nov

Microsoft announced the final end of support dates app Skype Classic Skype 7.0. Desktop version will be officially deprecated on 1 November, the mobile application will close on 15 November.

It is reported AIN.

In the company blog, it is reported that they may work out a little longer than planned, but to avoid failures, it is recommended to upgrade.

New announcement — the last point in the history of “Skype classic”.

Last year Microsoft released version 8.0. The company radically updated service added some analog Stories and copied a number of features of Snapchat.

The redesign was not liked by the users. Then Microsoft started to migrate some of the new features from upgraded Skype to the “classic” version. It was a temporary solution — in August, the company announced that it will soon close down Skype 7.0.

To motivate the transition to the new app, Microsoft has simplified its design. The program lost visual innovations has become easier and easier. In addition, the new Skype 8.0 altavaltellina features: call recording, improved sharing of files. By Microsoft design, this will help the adherents of Skype Classic go to a new client.

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