How “social currency” will raise the ranking of your video in YouTube

“Likes”, “comments” and “shares” — the Holy Trinity of YouTube algorithm. Evaluating these metrics mathematically, the most popular video hosting in the world tries to understand as far as your video interesting to the viewer; that is how much advertising YouTube will have time to run during the viewing of your video.

But his main task is to keep coming to the site user, providing them with more content to view. And the task is vital for commercial success, but challenging for artificial intelligence. Why? It’s simple: the YouTube algorithm doesn’t recognize any visual images or meaning of the content that it promotes.

And this problem is not only YouTube, but also the network as a whole. Remember any procedure on the Internet when you are asked to prove that you are not a robot (you look at the picture, read it and perform the required actions). At the moment, only man can understand the emotional component of the image (so far only).

Taking into account all these factors, work with YouTube I is divided into 2 positions: “technical” and “human”. The technical part

It is directly linked to the publication of the finished video, and there are a number of nuances that are worth paying attention to: You need to specify the genre of the video. Video must have the correct name, as it is the name of the algorithm to automatically raise it in the search. Let’s get to live the longest description. Pick accurate keywords.

All these details will help the algorithm to speed up the process of cataloguing and promotion of the message to your potential buyer. The human part

But the”Human part”, inextricably linked with content, I in turn share another two important areas. Both of them are connected with the fact, what is the position of my audience.

The viewer can be anonymous, and then he’s more inclined to ensure that or to like the video or not deliver, and that in principle all of its activities.

Or is he an authorized user, and then it shows a portrait of a specific person who could potentially share my information with your friends or relatives, you just need to he experienced an overwhelming desire to do it.

“Alone with his keyboard, people do some pretty weird confessions,” writes in his book “All the lies” Seth Stephens-Davidowitz. The perfect quote to briefly outline the manner of “Anonymous viewers”. By the way, this book is quite a fascinating study of search queries in the network. But in my opinion, for business much more effective is the system of personal recommendations. And here on the foreground there is the concept of “social currency”.

The basic principle of social networking is exchange of information. Voicing certain thoughts and emotions, we create a continuous video. And if “Emotions” are rather short-term value, even for the author of the post, then “Use” is a long-running story. Agree, we are eager to share that will improve our image in the eyes of others or show that we care about our friends. I hope now you better understand where your stream is so many tips and life hacks ranging from plastic bottles to relations between women and men?

Creating videos that contain useful content, you, first and foremost, promote its own position or the position of your brand, your values and expertise. And also you have the opportunity to differentiate an audience and enter into conversation with your potential user.

This way of conducting YouTube channel, on the one hand, difficult and laborious, because you need to regularly give relevant and useful information that will attract the audience, but on the other hand, video is slowly but constantly gaining views over time. That is, you’ve published and optimized once, and the views accumulate, raising your video according to the algorithm, which is much more correct from the point of view of presentation of information, unlike any other social network. Scenario viral video for an expensive brand

Let me give four of the professional Council to consider creating a script for a viral video of an expensive brand: From the first seconds of your video should outline the amount of useful information that the audience will get next. Remember that you have only 15 seconds to convince the viewer to watch your video until the end. Hint at the secrecy of your information — let the viewer feel like an insider. Now I understand where all these “100 of Goodies that nobody knew”? Designate a group of people who decides this video. Let the viewer remember who this video is to send. A brief, but bitingly specify output. Give a kind of cheat sheet as to the spectator to sell your video in person with friends. I would advise the curious to check your conclusion by the coincidence with the search word, it may be a couple of pleasant surprises.

Now reread the first sentence of this paragraph again:

“Four of the professional Council” — the specific scope and authoritative source.

“Expensive brands (personal or business)” is a specific segment of the market.

Now you understand the principle of constructing messages!

The most important thing you need to remember using “social currency”, is that making a repost of useful or right information, your audience is feeling better, so just offer him this video on a regular basis.

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