Current CSR projects: How to help children in the choice of profession

A few years ago I worked in the media, where, among other things, developed a career guidance project “Journey in television Wonderland.” The idea was born spontaneously — many children wanted to see how the “make TV”, so their parents and teachers were often asked to organize a tour. The project became very popular and now operates on a permanent basis. Monthly visit to the broadcasters come 8-10 groups of students.

What distinguishes ordinary corporate tour from vocational activities? The answers to these questions I found on the online learning resources, in particular

Of course, to seek and find itself, never too late, but in our rapidly developing world it is better to do it in time. Every parent immediately after the birth of a child, it is important to ask yourself 2 questions: “How to help children understand the variety of professions?” and “When do I start?”

Before the birth of my daughter I was looking at enterprise projects career counseling solely from the point of view of promoting specialties industry. Motherhood made me look at the familiar things from a completely different angle. Now I understand how important it is to give the child the opportunity to gain useful experience. After all, the more will be seen-and tasted-tested, the more likely children will form their own preferences, which will help in the choice of profession.

What does the school?

Today in Ukraine, secondary education is only beginning to be reformed and include career guidance in school curricula. Other countries in this path are long gone. For example, the U.S. has the psychological-pedagogical service “Gaidens”, which helps high school students choose the curriculum, choose a future profession and individual abilities, which need to be developed.

In Israel the whole school system is based on the principle of career guidance. What does it mean? The choice of a specific school is the choice of future profession. To switch to specific professional school, the student must undergo psychological testing to determine mental abilities, to test knowledge of the English language and mathematics. According to these results, the psychologist makes recommendations for further professional and personal development.

In Europe, supported the policy of vocational guidance throughout life. For this specially created network of European Lifelong Guidance Policy Network. It promotes cooperation between the countries of the European Union in the field of continuous development and professional choices.

In the coming years one can hardly expect tangible results from the introduction of career guidance in schools. The reforms are not fast. But there are other opportunities to help children in the choice of profession. Choose playing

Children of preschool and younger school age it is best perceive information in the form of a game. They do not yet think in terms of self-realization, they are much more interesting and useful to try yourself in different roles. A great alternative to the various circles are the “city of professions”. In them the child for a short time, “immersed” in a profession, for example, becomes a pilot, a fireman, a teacher or even an IT-specialist.

At the same time children uchatsa need such things as shopping in a supermarket, making post parcels at the post office, cooking, etc.

The city of professions KidsWill (located in Kiev Mall “ARTMall – Ed.) for more than a year of work station EPAM systems “World of programming”, where kids are introduced to the basics of computer language Scratch and help create your own cartoon with multiple characters (see photo). For the year, the station was visited more than 7 thousand children, which confirms the interest in the profession of the programmer.

A business

For older children it is interesting to see the workflow live. Corporate tours is now practiced in many companies. One of the first opened its doors factory “Roshen”, “Coca-Cola”, office “1+1 media”, the dealership “Pregiato” call center “Kyivstar”.

Relevant information about writing to the corporate tour you can find on the official sites and pages in social networks of these companies. You can also get on the tour through tour operators : in the greenhouse, “Camelia”, where the children will see a closed greenhouse and talk about the profession of a florist; in the National Opera house, where the child touches the world behind the scenes; to the Studio where you can watch the work of 3D animators, costume designers, make-up artists, Directors, cameramen, actors; the bakery plant “Kulinichi”, to communicate with technologists and to bake the bun; factory of fur-tree toys in Klavdievo-Tarasovo village (Kiev region), Ukraine’s only enterprise for the production of handicraft handmade toys and try to hand-paint a toy.

To organize such visits are quite capable of every business. Invite your children into the offices of the companies or enterprises in which the work you do, or the parents of friends and classmates of your child. Live chat, new emotions and experiences help you to understand what personal qualities and skills required for a particular profession. Guidance on examples

Aerobatics in the field of career guidance for me personally, are lectures of professionals for high school students (from 7th grade). For example, the agrochemical company Syngenta practices lectures for students interested in agronomy and biology. To do this, they are invited to visit research R&D-station and diagnostic center in the White Church.

The value of this format is that the children see the person realized in the profession, and it can inspire them by their personal example. A good format and interviews are 12-15 year old kids who have achieved success in their favorite job.

For a number of professions — including the IT industry — is characterized by early entry into the profession. 20-25 years, young engineers (developers) can already reach certain career heights. Because this area early vocational guidance is extremely important. For children with an interest in this profession, would be a great opportunity to attend specialized summer school or to combine school courses. Thus by the end of school the young people will already have a basic Foundation for further skills development.

The IT Association of Ukraine for 5 years, conducting an educational project for students JoinIT. The project programmers IT companies visit schools and conduct lectures for high school students. Coverage of this year more than 200 schools.

In the next column on share your experience of formation of ecological culture in the business.

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