AMCU investigates the rise in price of TV tuner cards: prices for the month increased one and a half times

The Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine investigates the reasons for the overpricing TV tuners digital terrestrial TV signal in DVB-T2, according to the website of the Committee.

“The question prices on these tuners is extremely important that any abuses in this area, if any, are inadmissible”, — emphasized in the AMC.

The Committee reported that the investigation started in connection with appeals and complaints of citizens. In addition, please take into account the possible sharp increase in demand among the population for TV tuners appealed to AMCU and the national Council of Ukraine on television and radio.

The Committee has already sent the requirement to provide explanations to such companies as “Socket”, “SAV-distribution” (TM “Foxtrot”), “Diez” (TM “Eldorado”), “Hello”, “comfy trade” (TM COMFY) and a number of other networks.

We will remind that since September 1, 2018 on the territory of Ukraine (with the exception of territories with special regime of broadcasting) began the shutdown of analogue TV broadcasting. A month before analogue shut down in the Kiev and Kirovohrad region.

On the resource it may be noted that in the July-August rose sharply tuners that support DVB-T2 standard. On the one hand the rise in prices in this period can be attributed to a sharp jump in the dollar, but the statistics is supplied in dollars.

So, the receiver World Vision T62N only in July rose almost twice in dollar terms. As shown on July 24 this receiver cost $15,02, and in early August to $of 28.88.

Another popular tuner Strong SRT 8203 a month before the shutdown of analogue in Kiev cost $16,58, and September 1 — $25,08. Now! you can buy it for 699 UAH.

Tuner Romsat TR-9110HD, according to in mid-August cost $16,61. The peak price of $22, this device had reached on September 21.

The government for such increase responded as follows: the Cabinet of Ministers approved the draft law for exemption for a period up to 1 January 2020 from import duties of videocameras digital terrestrial broadcasting supports the standard DVB-T2.


According to the national Council on television and radio broadcasting, essential way of receiving TV signals uses 32.3% of households in Ukraine, only 8% attended a broadcasting signal in a digital standard.

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