6 global trends in HR, which will increase the income of Ukrainian companies

People do not consider the work only as a source of income — they are looking for it fulfillment, pleasure and meaning. It completely rebuilds the personnel policy within companies.

Look at how it changed the field of HR and what to consider Ukrainian business in order not to lose employees and profits. SEO — mentor for the staff

The main task of the CEO is to develop your team and then engage in mergers, acquisitions and raising money for the company. To raise the value of human capital to the maximum, the CEO should be the team’s head coach, mentor and mentor.

The CEO needs to monitor the level of happiness in the team and to influence it. The aim of the practical: to keep the business afloat.

Companies survive either due to the unique technological or product value or service, which is surprising. Today in the race for food as many winners, they have to rely on the service.

Service can be unique only if it is based on satisfied employees who genuinely want to take care of customers.

CEOS need to become the team main coach, mentor and mentor

The Council of Ukrainian business

“HR, what do they want? Why not run with burning eyes? Give them the money!” — talking executives. Money to raise employee engagement, but only for a while. The result was long-term to deliver collective happiness should not an accountant, and SEO.

At a recent HR conference SHRM 2018 in Chicago, the leaders of the companies Facebook, Assurance, Groupon and United Airlines synchronously repeated universal for all markets the axiom: “Happy employees = happy customers = profits”.

Tony Cimino, the CEO of insurance brokerage organization Assurance, said that every year he personally writes and sends employees 1200 personal messages of congratulations to the birthday.

Ukrainian SEO it is important to devote more time to personal involvement in the lives of the crew, not through formal corporate parties and other forms of team building, and mentoring via live. If the CEO takes the empathy and humanity involved in the life of staff, the company guaranteed to the next level. Focus on the employee

Employee individual approach and emotional support, not just a comfortable chair, fresh kitchen and iMac. Care generates profit. Customer loyalty increases by 200% if the personnel involved.

Corporate community, the community within the company — is not an option but a necessity. If your employees are Millennials and generation Z, without the humor and lightness of a strong corporate structure with them not build.

The Council of Ukrainian business

It is very dangerous to share the brand of the company in priority “brand for the customer” and eternally postponed “employer brand”. The company will always be judged holistically, including its relation to employees and candidates.

Work on the internal employer brand — one recipe to keep people in crisis the workforce. If the management will give employees individual comfort, emotional connection with the company will be stronger and walk away it will be more difficult.

Ukrainian SEO it is important to devote more time to personal involvement in the lives of the crew, not through formal corporate parties and other forms of team building, and mentoring via live Culture of trust

Owner it is important to build a relationship of trust with the top management, not closing the processes on itself.

According to the consulting company Watson Wyatt, companies with a high level of trust among employees are 186% more expensive. Harvard Business Review reports that such employees 50% higher productivity, 76% more engagement, 40% less burnout and 74% less stress.

The Council of Ukrainian business

The owner should intelligently allocate and transfer assets (personnel, finances, equipment, revenue, customer traffic and not only) to control the top team. Just so happens to build the system a company with a culture of trust based.

To the trust has been managed, you need to agree on the criteria of valuable results, to which the “owners” of the assets and the owner of the company will evaluate management efficiency. Personal a variety of frames

Diversity diversity means Association in working groups of people of different nationalities, ages, generations, gender and beyond. To strengthen the team may also staffing differences and multilateral business experience of its employees.

This trend is global and is converted to large benefits. The idea of successful application of the principle diversity is the basis of the film “Intern”, which is not young, but experienced and attentive Robert De Niro makes a startup. From 21 to 33% of global companies where the principle diversity — not an empty sound, profitable and more profitable competitors.

The Council of Ukrainian business

When I hear that the CEO asks to search for Director of production “is not older than 30 years”, I understand that the vacancy will not close ever. Ten years ago, when today’s 30-year-old was educated, of the profession of industrial workers was “unfashionable”. Therefore, the age range of the staff of such a profile just yet. Experience in the production of applicants over 40 or even 50 years, but they remained slightly. The outflow of staff further narrows the selection.

Today’s 50-year-old used to run a business and make 20-30 thousand dollars a month, and is now ready to share the experience for a much more modest money. But they are ignored. The same situation is with gender. Often in the position of commercial Director to deny a strong specialist, simply because it’s a woman.

Ukrainian companies should abandon the stereotypes and take a sober look at the labor market. It is important to learn how to build a team of diverse employees — this team is looking at broader problems and solve them better.

Ukrainian companies need to create jobs for horizontal, rather than vertical growth Structural flexibility

Companies with a flexible agile approach in the management generate 30% higher profits than non-agile. According to studies, today of companies using agile, there are only about 6%, and 32% are working to make their structure more flexible.

Ability to be flexible affects the decision-making speed and quality, as well as the ability to quickly create new products and services. All this determines customer satisfaction and hence the intensity increase your market share.

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On the background of the death of the old professions, reduction of human resources and robotics company will not survive without the ability to rebuild. The flexibility of the human resources improves the speed of adaptation of the company on the market.

The better relations between people and the more staff involved in a team finding solutions, the faster the change.

Ukrainian companies need to create jobs for horizontal, not vertical growth. So staff will be more harmonious company — to move to an adjacent team and participate in different projects, but within the boundaries of one company. HR Director among the top managers

In 2015, Korn Ferry Hay Group, a leading global consulting company in the field of personnel management and organization, published the results of a decade of research of competences for governing parties.

The researchers divided the data into three groups: the style (behavior towards employees), a way of thinking (approach to the solution of problems) and emotional competence (ability to cope with stress and risk). It turned out that competencies are the closest to SEO is HR-Director — right after soo, chief operating officer.

If acara in terms of competences so much in common with the main face of the company, why not trust him with a seat at the Board table?

The Council of Ukrainian business

The decision to hire a HR Director to discuss the global strategy of the company, its goals and targets seems bold. Even too. But the sooner it happens, the faster the HR will start to think in terms of the business and effectively manage staff. But today, the human resources, as practice shows — this is a crucial asset of the company.