Published may popularity ranking of new cars in Ukraine

“Ukrautoprom” published may popularity ranking of new passenger cars. The most popular was “disilicate” Audi A3, which had 264 car from 6838 delivered to the primary account during the last month of spring.

According to Association of carmakers of Ukraine, the second most popular car in may was the Renault Duster – 250 registered cars.

In third place one more representative of the French brand Renault Logan. He gave the preference 221 Ukrainian. Fourth result the Toyota RAV-4 – 216 car, and closes the top five with a score of 212 registrations Hyundai Tucson.

Also in the top ten most popular passenger cars may included:

Toyota Camry – 202 units;
Volkswagen Polo – 177 units;
Kia Sportage – 169 units;
┼ákoda Octavia – 162 units;
Nissan Qashqai – 149 units.