Overview of the flagship Hi-Fi player FiiO X5 2nd gen

X5 2nd Gen — the flagship at the moment, the player of the company who is able to play any (or almost any) audio formats, DSD up to DSD128, WAV, FLAC, APE, WMA, ALAC, AIFF up to 192 kHz / 24 bit. Should soon have a X7 with touchscreen, Android and other not as important for an enjoyable music listening stuff, but the price tag will be higher in 2-3 times. But until that happens, X5 2nd gen is the most advanced in the line of FiiO.

The editors thank the company Avero for kindly providing the review player

FiiO very quickly began to develop and promote its line of music players. They are very successful: the players have a very good ratio quality/price and invariably become hits. The company learns from its mistakes, so every new model becomes better than the last.

Recall the history of the FiiO players. First out of the X3 and X5 the top of the first generation, they FiiO “shot”, experimenting with design, components, and controls. Calling them perfect is impossible, but despite the shortcomings, both models sold very well. Since the budget of the player X1, the company “groped” their own design and sound. X3 second generation was a completely new device and have the first only X3 overall index, simply due to positioning. It’s time to get acquainted with the older model the updated line, top X5 2nd gen.
What is it?

X5 2nd Gen — the flagship at the moment, the player of the company who is able to play any (or almost any) audio formats, DSD up to DSD128, WAV, FLAC, APE, WMA, ALAC, AIFF up to 192 kHz / 24 bit. Should soon have a X7 with touchscreen, Android and other not as important for an enjoyable music listening stuff, but the price tag will be higher in 2-3 times. But until that happens, X5 2nd gen is the most advanced in the line of FiiO.
Than it is interesting?

The player supports any lossless formats of audio, added native DSD up to DSD128 podderjka inclusive (directly reproduced images of SACD ISO). X5 2nd gen got an analog volume control that eliminates the loss of dynamic range inherent in digital adjustment. The player is smaller and lighter than its predecessor, and how it has changed the sound of everything else at the same time — we have to learn
What’s in the box?

Packaging FiiO X5 2nd gen typical for the whole line of FiiO players (with the exception of the first batches X3). It is a pleasant kind of red-and-black cardboard box with a picture of the model, marked X5 and label support DSD and 192/24 PCM. Inside is another black box with the logo FiiO:

Inside is the most important. Set similar to the one in the FiiO X3 II. The player, black silicone case, 2 spare protective screen protectors (one already glued), a MicroUSB cable, 3.5 mm to coaxial adapter S/PDIF, three sets of vinyl stickers on the case, documentation and discount coupon HDtracks.com.

Cute looks whether?

In the first FiiO X3 and X5 experimented with design and controls, and claims there really were. Since then FiiO has done a good job over running and found your signature style, so that starting from X1, the entire line has gained a certain recognizable appearance and similar layout. So with the FiiO X5 2nd gen: this is a pretty impressive piece of beautiful polished aluminum alloy. On the front panel display, which placed navigation wheel, Play/Pause button in the middle and four buttons at the corners of it: menu, back one level, and track switching:

Metal back cover with the FiiO logo and standard information about the model and manufacturer:

On the lower end there are MicroUSB and two slots for memory cards MicroSD (up to 128 GB each). In the first version of the slots were covered with caps which could accidentally tear. At the same time that the stub that the memory card was to pick out a difficult. In X5 the second generation of the stub is removed, the slots look like two slits in the monolithic case. To remove the card easily and conveniently.

On the left side is three round metal button: the on/lock and volume control. They fit perfectly and are very comfortable. Not to miss in the pocket will help the ledge on the button to increase the volume. The power button is inscribed led indicator that glows blue when working, red while charging and green when battery is fully charged:

The first floor has a headphone output and a combined plug, which performs the functions of linear and digital coaxial output. In the first version they were implemented as separate connectors. Need select from the menu:

Right no functional elements not:

How to replace the naked eye, the player less than its predecessor in size, and is oblong buttons are round. They are much easier and a little tougher, which is clearly a benefit, accidental clicks in your pocket now no. The screen is now elevated above the body, he became a brighter, better quality, frames at the sides is significantly reduced. The volume buttons of the new X5 we have seen above. The old they are narrow, oblong and slightly protrude above the housing, to press them less convenient:

Thickness of the players are virtually identical. Weight has become much smaller: 165 g have a FiiO X5 2nd gen vs 195 g of the first X5.

Traditional silicone case FiiO black. All the essential controls are available, led and jacks for headphones and MicroUSB are also open. Hid only linear/coaxial covered otvorachivayutsya plug, and access to memory cards there that don’t need:

Like all latest models of FiiO player looks great and well built. Predecessor in this matter, X5 2nd gen passes all parameters: it is less monolithic, easier, looks nicer and managing thought out much better.
Is it convenient to use?

As we mentioned earlier in the review, starting with the FiiO X1 came to a common, recognizable design of their players, so the physical bodies similar to X1 and X3 2nd gen. The navigation wheel was much easier than the first generation X5, the buttons are separated from it are round and quite large. To press them comfortably even blindly, without taking your player out of your pocket. Case is also familiar and realized as with all current models. He repeats the outline of the player and ease of use is not lost. I should add that the player supports CTIA headset standard, so if there is one, the playback can be controlled with it.

Interface we have seen in the review of the FiiO X1 and X3 2nd gen. No news in this respect, the X5 2nd gen no: in the main menu of 5 items. Play, music library, supports custom playlists, file Manager, playback settings and player settings. The player supports OTG and has the ability to play a specific folder of the external drive. There are a variety of UI themes, Ukrainian and Russian language no.
How does it sound?

The DAC in the player is the same as: PCM1792A, at the same time significantly changed the gain. As we mentioned, volume has been converted to analog, use the PGA2311. Operational amplifier OPA1612, a low-pass filter — OPA1652 buffer BUF634. For testing was used in the hybrid model Dunu DN-2000J, T-Peos H-300, dynamic Ostry KC06 and closed Studio monitors Sony MDR-7506.

In FiiO X1 groped for the right course in terms of sound, X3 2nd gen sounded great and was very beat of its predecessor and it would be strange to top X5 2nd gen had some issues with sound. The player sounds great: very detailed, smooth, without any gaps or passes in the frequencies, very musical and Groovy, which is not the closest competitors iBasso. They give a smooth, but very dry and lifeless sound. FiiO not one of those. Low frequencies are well done, bass is deep, but not to the detriment of detail. With the mid and high frequencies, things are also at its best: you can hear all the notes, nuances of the recordings and all the little things, attenuation, muted notes and so on. With the split tool the X5 2nd gen everything is fine. Player cope with any musical styles and plays without any problems, even very fast pieces with lots of notes in different pieces of the frequency range without turning to mush, what is often seen in smartphones and iPods cheaper. To give a brief summary: the sound 5 stars out of 5. Excellent three-dimensional, musical, detailed and smooth sound.

When compared with the first generation X5, the first thing immediately noticeable is a more smooth sound. The first X5 is slightly accentuated at high frequencies and with some, especially with reinforcement models, there is a desire them a little less. In the new X5 2nd gen does not have this problem, sound smart, do not bother and do not arise the slightest desire to turn something on frequencies using the equalizer. About its existence to forget. As for detail, the gain in comparison with the first model is quite small, but there. Sounds a good player with any headphones, and reserve capacity enough for a pretty serious full-size model. Should I change the old to the new is a moot point: you need to compare specific headphones for specific recordings. In X5, the difference for the better is, but not as huge as in X3 different generations.
How much the battery holds?

In Fiio X5 2nd gen installed lithium-polymer battery of 3300 mAh, the first was the battery of 3700 mAh. FiiO claims that the new model was redesigned power supply circuit: at high gain (High Gain) maximum supply voltage of the amplifier was increased to 14 volts (+/-7V), which is 40% more first-generation, low gain, + / – 5V, which should have a positive impact on energy consumption. In fact, the player lives on a single charge for more than 11 hours in Low mode at the Gain medium volume. Figure approximately corresponds to that in the first generation of the X5, so the use of less capacious battery did not affect the battery life.
The bottom line

FiiO X5 2nd gen is evolutionary, but not revolutionary development of the X5. He on all parameters was better than its predecessor: more smooth and natural sound, reduced size and improved ergonomics thanks to brought to mind the buttons and navigation wheel. FiiO X5 2nd gen is by far the best player in the line passes the FiiO and the sound quality of most competitors in its price range, including iBasso DX90. The player is sounds and music, easy to use, has a very pleasant appearance and a good battery life and some apparent deficiencies in the player no.

5 reasons to buy a FiiO X5 2nd gen:

excellent sound quality;
native support for DSD128, WAV, FLAC, APE, WMA, ALAC, AIFF up to 192 kHz / 24 bit;
the possibility of using as a USB DAC;
support for USB OTG;
high quality, beautiful metal case.

1 reason not to buy FiiO X5 2nd gen:

You have X5 of the first generation and you don’t see any reason to shell out a tidy sum on the updated model.

FiiO X5 2nd gen

JZ4760B dual core

Operational amplifier
OPA1612 and BUF634

2.4″ IPS 400×360 points

2 microSD memory card up to 128GB inclusive;

Channel balance
± 10 dB, step 1

± 6 dB (hardware)

Supported formats
DSD: DSD64, DSD128, DSF, DFF, SACD ISO, FLAC 24/192, WAV 24/192, APE 24/192 (Fast), APE (Normal) 24/96, APE (High) 24/96, 24/48 WMA Lossless, Apple Lossless (ALAC) 24/192, MP3, MP2, OGG, AAC; support gapless

Li-polymer, 3300 mAh, more than 10 hours of playback

Interface and outputs
USB 2.0 (microUSB), 3.5 mm output (headphones), 3.5 mm line-in/coaxial

Size and weight
109х63.5×15.3 mm, 165 grams

Headphone output

Power: >436 mW @ 16 Ohm >245 mW @ 32 Ohms, >27 mW at 300 Ohms
Output impedance: < 0.2 Ω
Frequency response: 20 Hz – 20 kHz
THD+Noise: < 0.001% (impedance of headphones is 32Ω)
The ratio signal/noise: >114 dB

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