Large cities will develop a transport scheme for 30-40 years

The Ministry of regional development has obliged the city with a population of over 100 thousand to develop a comprehensive transport scheme for 30-40 years. Amendments to State building standards (GOS) and will enter into force on 1 September of the current year.

“This will give a clear understanding of the prospective development of vehicle motion, i.e., optimize all modes of transport, not only now but in the future, organize the traffic with minimal congestion, reduce accidents and increase safety on the roads,” – wrote on his page in Facebook the Deputy Minister of regional development Leo Partskhaladze.

According to officials, the complex scheme of transport (FST) should be developed as a separate document based on the General plan of the city with consideration of its socio-economic and planning features, population growth and areas of promising changes in placement of large enterprises, construction, commercial and other facilities. To develop similar schemes can and cities with smaller populations, if they have a problem with transport.

KST you can get a clearer understanding of the prospective development of traffic, and to optimize the performance of all types of transport at the moment and in the future, to minimize traffic, reduce accidents and increase safety on the roads.