5 useful online courses for entrepreneurs

We live in a time — decided to change profession and go into business, no longer need to look for an extra five years to receive further education or to break away from it all and to go somewhere to study. Training online allows us to get all the necessary knowledge at a convenient time and in a convenient location. That can currently offer a network of entrepreneurs? “Prometheus”https://prometheus.org.ua

Ukrainian educational platform https://prometheus.org.ua offers a series of courses for entrepreneurs. Here you can learn how to create a start-up, to obtain the necessary basic knowledge for understanding how an idea turns into a business plan and business model, to get acquainted with taxation, legal aspects of business, marketing and the basics of management. There on the platform and more advanced courses that allow you to master English for business or to go into the details of marketing, financial management or legal aspects.

All courses are absolutely free, and, importantly, adapted to the Ukrainian reality.

A close relative of “Prometheus” — Russian platform Stepik also offers many courses on entrepreneurship from different universities, but the information is rather comprehensive. Labahttps://l-a-b-a.com

Platform https://l-a-b-a.com pleased with an extensive range of courses, webinars and lectures, in which professionals will share important nuances of building and maintaining business. The topics are completely different — business automation, the impact of risks on planning, branding fundamentals, practical skills of using software and more. Some courses are constantly available to users, some of them have a schedule.

Tuition for the Laba will have to pay. To know the price of each specific course, you need to enroll. Courserahttps://www.coursera.org/

For those who speak English, the Internet offers an infinite number of training programs online. Godzilla world of online courses www.coursera.org not only will allow you to take courses about entrepreneurship or different aspects of the business, but also provide the opportunity to obtain a certificate of experience and education. This website presents training programs from the best universities in the world. On Coursera there are paid and free programs.

In some cases, you can take the course just so you will have to pay only if you want to do practical work and to communicate with the teacher. A certificate always paid.

Younger brother “Cursery”, www.edx.org while that provides lectures absolutely for free. Startup Ukrainehttp://startupukraine.com/

For those who in addition to knowledge could use a little inspiration and support startupukraine.com offers various courses, where you not only teach, but also motivate to finally begin to translate dreams into reality. Training is paid, but includes practical tasks and constant communication with teachers. Startup Challenge can be useful to those who do not have internal readiness to start a new life. MBA

Many entrepreneurs aspire to get an MBA (Master of Business Administration) — ie master of business administration. Get training and get an MBA in real school and online.

For example, on Coursera, or any of the many sites specializing in this. The most important that your chosen course has been accredited by AACSB International, CEEMAN, EFMD or AMBA, otherwise you risk to spend time in vain.

Choosing online courses, be guided not only on how relevant and close to you subject, but the most convenient form of education. There are programs where the student acts only as a passive listener, there are courses with homework and assessments. Somewhere you have relationships with the teacher, and you get access to a group of fellow students and can make new pleasant acquaintances.