Audi E-tron, one of the twelve electric Audis for the launch by 2025

Before the discovery of an Audi’s first EV, the E-tron, the brand presented its strategy for the electrification, of which twelve production ‘And’ models coming by 2025.

Audi’s all-electric model offensive will include Suvs such as the E-tron and E-tron Sportback, which was shown in Shanghai last year. More models with what it describes as a “classic layout” will be available, including the Avant estate and more Sportback variants, able to cover every segment of the market and the compact for the full-size class”.

The first Suv is based on Audi’s existing platform MLB, with an electric all-wheel drive system and 150kW quick charging ability. The size of the models allows the MLB platform initially, but the Audi will show its first model based on a bespoke electric platform at the end of the year. Called the E-tron GT, it will be a coupe will debut in concept form at the 2018 Motor Show.

Little is known about that car, but the Audi is described as a “highly dynamic coupe with an assembly plan”. Using tech developed in collaboration with sister brand Porsche, probably through the development of the Mission AND EV.