World’s richest man has $ 2 billion in charity move


Amazon chief Jeff Bezos is putting $ 2 billion (£1.5 bn) in a fund of charity, it has put in place to help the homeless and set up a new network of schools.

The world’s richest man announced the move in a tweet, saying the charity could be called the Day A single Funds.

Mr. Bezos – would have a value of more than $164bn – has faced criticism for not doing more philanthropic work.

And US Senator Bernie Sanders has criticized the working conditions in the warehouses of Amazon.

Mr. Bezos has asked on Twitter last year for suggestions on how he could use his personal fortune, which this year has soared due to Amazon, the spike in the price of the action and WE, the tax reductions.

He said Thursday that the “Bezos Day Fund” will contribute to “existing non-profit that helps homeless families”, and also funds a network of new, non-profit, a level child-friendly gardens in low-income communities”.

The fund will be distributed between Day 1 of the Fund for the Families and the Day 1 of the Academies of Funds.

The end of the Twitter post by @JeffBezos

“The Day 1 Families Fund will issue annual leadership awards to organizations and groups of citizens, to be compassionate, needle-moving work to provide shelter and hunger of support to meet the immediate needs of young families,” Mr. Bezos said in a tweet.

The Day 1 of the Academies of Funds will launch and operate a network of high-quality, full-scholarship, Montessori-inspired pre-schools in low-income and disadvantaged communities, ” he said. “We will build an organization to directly operate these schools,” he added.

Earlier this month Amazon, Mr. Bezos founded in 1994, became only the second market of the shares of the company to be valued at $1tn. Apple reached this milestone a few weeks earlier.

In spite of the huge amount of money given, it is much less than the philanthropy of other billionaires such as Bill Gates of Microsoft, who has donated tens of billions of dollars to its foundation, and Facebook ceo Mark Zuckerberg, who has pledged to donate 99% of his shares in the social media giant to an organization focused on the public good.

The $ 2 billion falls short of the “giving pledge”, an initiative launched by bill Gates and the investor billionaire Warren Buffett, which have encouraged wealthy individuals to pledge half of their fortune to philanthropy.

Mr. Bezos, who operates the Blue Origin space rocket of the project and who owns the Washington Post, has made donations to a plan intended to help the children of immigrants, cancer research, and the University of Princeton.