The lack of DNA on the left of grisly murders

Ashley Coulston made headlines in 1978, when he tried to sail, a bath tublike yacht on the Tasman sea. And he did it again in 1992 for a much more sinister matter.

Coulston of the cruel murder of Victorians Kerryn Henstridge, Anne Smerdon and Peter Dempsey — known as the Burwood triple murders.

Triple killer Ashley Mervyn Coulston led in handcuffs in the Melbourne Supreme court in 1992, murders of Peter Dempsey, Kerryn Henstridge and Anne Smerdon in Burwood to be condemned, for the year. Picture: Supplied

All three were bound with cable ties, and the Chance, with Kerryn’s mother revealing the grisly scene on the following day.

Murder Victim Peter Dempsey. Picture: Supplied

Murder Victim Kerryn Henstridge. She was 22. Picture: Supplied

But the lack of DNA evidence, and balls that could hold the key in linking him to the unsolved Balaclava rapist cases in the Gold Coast, and Sutherland rapist cases, in Tweed Heads, northern New South Wales.

The two cities are only half an hour apart.

In the former case, investigators claimed to reveal crucial pieces of the puzzle on channel 7 Sunday night.

Ashley Coulston, is the prime suspect in a Balaclava killer. Picture: Supplied

Coulston was known to live in the area, at the time, investigators said, Sunday evening, and the murder methodology bore a frightening similarity in each incident, which took place between 1985 and 1987.

“Ski mask, gun, everything is there,” the former New South Wales detective Duncan McNab said Sunday night.

“The method is by the book — of the script.”

The former detective Duncan McNabb. Image: Sunday Night/Channel 7

DNA evidence was convicted of Coulston in the year 2000, 18 years after he, for the Burwood murders. But crime, forensics and DNA expert Robin Napper believed has not been uploaded to the national DNA database, and potentially investigators to link Coulston to the other crimes.

“I say no. No one has kept up with the exercise,” Mr Napper said Sunday night.

But if they did, it would imply Coulston could almost immediately if he was involved.

“Twenty-Four Hours. As simple as that,” said Mr Napper said.

Coulston picked his victims from an advertisement she had placed looking for a roommate. Picture: Supplied

“Coulston is the hot suspect for the Balaclava rapes in Queensland, for Parkinson’s murder, for the Sutherland rapes.

“If you do, can you confirm, once and for all, he probably had one of the most dangerous serial killer Australia has ever.”

And together with the lack of DNA, Mick Stefanovic — who investigated the Burwood murders in question, where the balls that he retrieved from Coulston’s family farm was gone.

Mr Stefanovic said, you could link him with the murder of Jeff Parkinson in 1980, was killed, after Mr. Parkinson handles the Balaclava rapist to flee so that his girlfriend.

Mick Stefanovic examined, Burwood murders. Image: Sunday Night/Channel 7

Whether the bullets found in Coulston bedroom, the balls aligned in demand found in Parkinson’s disease, Mr Stefanovic said. “Maybe.”

“They may be, but at the time they were examined, first, the firearms examiner, was not sure. He stopped short to say, they fit and says that it requires a further examination under the scanning electron microscope,” Mr Stefanovic said on Sunday evening.

But he believed never happened.

Coulston is with three life sentences for the Burwood Triple murders. He is detained at HM Barwon prison in Anakie, Victoria.