Tests of Microsoft’s rival browser ‘warning’


Microsoft is testing a pop-up alerts that are triggered when users install the Chrome or Firefox web Browser.

The warnings appear on Windows 10, and to remind the people that you have already installed Microsoft’s Edge-browser.

– The Text in the pop-up claims that edge is a “faster, safer” browser for the Windows 10 operating system.

The instructions are included in the versions of Windows 10, the study of the novel functions in future.

In a statement, Microsoft said, the warning window were tested with a small number of users, which is part of his “inside” initiative.

“The Windows Insider program allows Microsoft to test the various features, functionality, and garner feedback prior to the introduction of broadband,” the statement said.

The warnings do not stop, any software installed, Microsoft said.

“The clients retain control and can choose the browser of your choice,” it said. The alarm control panel to the left to user-settings-system allows you to disable the alerts.
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To push In the past, Microsoft has to be hard punished for it, on its dominance in desktop computing people to its products. It has to do paid billions in fines for not enough to let people know about the rival Browser.

The command prompt is tested one of several functions, the possible inclusion in the October update for Windows 10.

The BBC understands that, unlike some of the other new features in the prototype will be tested by an Insider, the warnings will not be rolled out to the larger population of Windows 10 users with the next update.