Jaguar boss ‘horrible’ Brexit warning

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The boss of the UNITED kingdom’s largest automaker, has warned the government of having “the right Brexit”, or it may sweep away his profits of the enterprise, and at the end in large job cuts.

Jaguar Land Rover Ralf Speth called the prospect of a cliff-edge break with the European Union as “terrible”.

He was speaking at a conference in Birmingham, where Theresa May, has unveiled a £106m “green” car initiative.

A spokesman for the first minister said that his Sorbo Brexit proposals, including protections for the car industry.

Mr. Speth, who has already warned of a Brexit impact on JLR, said that if the “wrong decisions” were taken in the negotiations with Brussels could be the “worst of times” for the UNITED kingdom, at a cost of more than £1.2 billion a year.

“Any friction at the border puts the business in danger,” she told the UK’s first Zero Emission Vehicle Summit.

“We are absolutely firmly committed to the UNITED kingdom, is our home. But a hard Brexit will cost at Jaguar Land Rover more than £1.2 billion a year – is horrible, wiping our profit, destroying investment, autonomous, zero emissions, we want to share.”

He said that if the poor UK productivity worsened after Brexit, would be forced to move the production in a place like Poland, where it was cheaper to make the cars.

About a quarter of a million people in the UNITED kingdom are based, directly or indirectly, on the wave of success of his company, Mr. Speth said.’Good deal’

He also criticised the policy for putting in place more regulations and higher taxes on all diesel vehicles, when he said that the new diesel cars produced by JLR were as green as gasoline vehicles.

Mrs. May’s official spokesman said the government Brexit a plan to protect the industries that depend on swift to import and export products.

“The Rowan plan includes specific proposals to protect the jobs of working within sectors like the car industry that depend on just-in-time supply chains.

“The common rule book to ensure friction-free trade with the EU and would like to see our auto industry to continue to grow,” he added.

The spokesman said that the government was “committed with the automotive industry in this whole process… we are working to ensure a good deal and the PM is convinced that we will succeed”.