Scandal ‘racist’ Serena Williams cartoon

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An Australian artist has defended her description of Serena Williams at the US Open, after the image has gone viral and has been criticized as racist and sexist.

Mark Knight for the newspaper comic strip showed Williams jumping above a fracture of the racket to the side of the nipple. Critics have said that it portrays racist stereotypes.

The designer denied that he was racist, saying that he had the intention to represent only the tennis player “bad behaviour”.

Some have also said Knight has “whitened” Japanese player Naomi Osaka.

Williams sparked controversy during his loss in Osaka when she accused the arbitrator of sexism and of being a “thief”.

Knight drawing, published in the Herald Sun newspaper, Monday, referenced Williams from the explosion and showed the referee to ask Osaka: “Can you just let her win?”

It was strongly defended by Knight and newspaper editor, Damon Johnston.

But critics, including the author JK Rowling, against the caricature of the past racist caricatures of the african-American population.

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Others on social media pointed out that Osaka seems to have been drawn as a “white woman” with blonde hair.

The National Association of Black Journalists AMERICANS have denounced the cartoon as “disgusting on many levels”.

“[It] is not breathing racist, sexist caricatures of two women, but Williams representation is unnecessarily sambo,” he said in a statement.

The 1899 children’s book, The Story of Little Black Sambo, featured derogatory racial representations – such as characters with thick red lips.
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Knight said he had “no knowledge of these cartoons or the time”, said on Tuesday that “the world has just gone mad.”

“The cartoon was right about Serena the day having a tantrum. That’s basically it,” he told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

Knight also rejected a suggestion that he would not draw a similar image of a man. As proof, he tweeted his recent cartoon tennis player Nick Kyrgios.Racism in australia, cartoons

A sociology expert has told the BBC that the Knight had used “a genre that has a long history of racist impact.”

“The author may not even realize their own framing of the world has been shaped by the history of racism in Australia,” said Professor emeritus Andrew Jakubowicz University of Technology Sydney.

He said that he had been “a tradition” in many Australian cartoons to exaggerate the physical characteristics of minority groups, including indigenous peoples, to “trigger a reaction” – like humor.

Knight has also been accused of racism, the last month for a cartoon that shows a faceless black figures fighting in a Melbourne metro, a reference to a debate on Africa, australia street gangs.
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